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Old School Fridays: Music From The Year I Was Born

14 November 2008 6 Comments

It’s a good thing that I’m secure in my old-headedness or I may have been forced to lie about my age. For the record, I will turn thirty in January, which means I was born in 1979. That’s right, Jimmy Carter was president when I was born, I am technically not an ’80’s baby, and the United States has been at war with an Arab speaking country pretty much my entire life. You really gotta love Old School Music to even know any songs from the year you were born, so I think this week’s theme is pretty hot.

“Aint No Stoppin’ Us Now,” McFadden & Whitehead. Philly stand-up! If you didn’t get enough of this song during the Phillie’s winning World Series run or after the Obama victory, watch this video one more time and bask in the Philly Soul of it all. Did you know that this duo also wrote classics such as “I’ll Always Love My Momma,” and “Wake Up Everybody”? Sadly, Gene McFadden died in 2007 and John Whitehead’s 2004 murder remains unsolved.

“Escape (The Piña Colada Song),” Rupert Holmes.
I confess, this scenario really happened to me! I responded to a personal ad on Craigs List and when things stopped being anonymous I found out that it had been placed by this guy I was already kicking it with a little. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about it until years later, when we had a good but pathetic laugh. Hate all you want, but I like to rock The Pina Colada song at least once a year. This video is just soooo cheesily seventies – what in the name of Mr. Rogers is he wearing?

Bonus: “Thembi,” Pharoah Sanders. Ok, the song and album “Thembi” were relased in 1971, but I’m pretty sure the song was on the turntables at my parent’s house at some point for them to have named me after it. I’ve grown to love this song after hearing it for the first time at the late age of 21. Enjoy!

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  • (¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said:

    aint no stopping us now, is my jam, love love love the song

    fantastic choices, you have a great weekend

  • MrsGrapevine said:

    I’m laughing because you and my husband are the only black people I know of that like the Pina Colada song.

    Is this where you get “Thembi” from. Do tell the, is there a correlation? This is a nice grove.

    Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, that’s a family reunion song. We love to play that song every other year when we get together, along with Family Reunion and We Are Family.

  • MsMarvalus said:

    That Pina Colada song…it can haunt you, if you let it…hee hee hee…

    Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now is a groove…

    Nicely done!

  • Regina said:

    Great picks!
    @Ms. Grapevine – I love that song, but then again my mother had an array of “different” types of friends! It is a classic!

    That Thembi jam is nice, very mellow! I assume your parents loved it also!!!

  • Ginneh Akbar said:

    That Thembi song is nice. I can’t believe I’ve known you so long and never heard it. Now go find Ginneh by Freddie Jackson. (but I think he spelled it differently)

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Poor Rupert Holmes. Brilliant songwriter, and he’ll never live down that song. He has a Tony, I think, and created wrote every episode of Remember WENN, a WWII-era comedy/drama that remains one of the most clever TV series ever. AMC pisses me off ’cause they keep saying Mad Men is their first original series, like WENN didn’t run on there for four damn years in the ’90s. :c\ Your personal “Escape” story made me laugh SO hard.

    “Thembi!” New to me, but already a favorite. Pharoah Sanders is the BOMMMMMB, dude. I’m ashamed because I still haven’t gotten around to knowing much of his work, which has been a goal ever since I stumbled across his amazing cover of Coltrane’s “Central Park West” last spring.

    “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now” is a key track on my in-production Obama mix lol. And ever noticed how Phyllis Hyman’s “You Know How to Love Me” (from released just a few months later) kinda sounds like exactly the same song?

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