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The WWTD Presidential Endorsement (Repost)

3 November 2008 7 Comments

Yeah, that’s my left hand. The right hand says Biden but I needed it to hold my cameraphone. Pro-Nails for Obama!

If you missed it the first time around, I’m re-posting my presidential endorsement below. Do us all a favor and vote tomorrow – do not be a sucka!

The WWTD Presidential Endorsement

If Bossip gets to make an endorsement, then so do I.

And guess who I pick?

Mmmhmm. And I’ll give you five reasons why.

1. He’s black. Well, blackish. Blacker. Blackesque? However you slice it, he sure ain’t white. I don’t advocate voting blindly for any old black person (fascist Alan Keyes and “Crazy Cynthia” McKinney are still technically in the race and sure can’t have my vote), and having a Kenyan father doesn’t exactly make him “folk” in my book. But Obama shares my views on almost every issue, including my number one issue in LIFE, which is “black.” Not “black power,” or “black beauty,” or “black love.” Just plain old “black.” He’s black and calls himself black and is genuinely happy about being black. I think he and I see eye to eye on that, which alone gives him my vote.

2. He’s cute. Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that it’s the little things that count. I’m happier on warmer days, write better with my favorite pen, and am more inclined to watch a movie in crisp HD than on a rabbit-eared black and white. Barack isn’t quite my type but he’s growing on me, and aesthetically niether Clinton nor McCain can match his charisma and sheer cuteness. You don’t have to be attractive to be a good leader, but I’m so tired of ugly that cute gets my vote in ’08 regardless.

3. He’s married to Michelle.

Now, Michelle is “folk.” Not only is she folk, but she’s a real Fresh Black Girl who is smart and capable enough to revitalize the role of First Lady. Can you imagine if Rock Bammy were married to some stiff white woman like every past president we’ve had? That would be a whole different story. In fact, if Obama were a white guy married to Michelle that ALONE may get him my vote. And now that Rudy Huxtable is well into adulthood, I can’t wait to watch their cute little girls grow up.

4. Hillary is notsogreat. At the time, the Clinton administration seemed like a blessing from above to black folks. Now, I look at it the same way I look at ex-boyfriends, The Atkins Diet, and the Burberry pattern – better than anything else around at the time, but notsogreat in the end. The fact that Hillary is married to Bill means nothing to me – not only do I get the feeling that he doesn’t really like her that much, sadly I don’t believe that a female is the right person to get us safely and strategically positioned in the Middle East. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a feminist and all, but the reality is, this Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush pattern is a type of stagnantion that I’m tired of, and if Hillary enters office she’ll have to spend her first two years paying back Bill’s old debts. Not only that, she simply grates my nerves.

5. He’s cool.

“Please, please, there’s enough room on my jock for all of you.”

Bill Clinton was cool. Hillary is not. Clinton supporters of note include BET founder and president Bob Johnson (this guy seriously needs the Drop Squad), O.J. Simpson, and Iyanla Vanzant. None of them are cool. And I won’t even bother discussing the Republican option because despite what you may have heard that is NOT the party of Lincoln. I’ve been anti-Obamamania all of this time, but now I seriously sweat him. He cracks jokes, drinks beer, rides bikes, loves Godfather I and II, and smiles REAL smiles and not phony Hillary ones. I wanna kick it with Barack and not in that “Wow, I met the president way!”

6. HE’S BLACK. Yeah, I know I said that I have five reasons and this was one of them already, but he really is black. And he is running for president! Part of me still doesn’t believe I’ll ever live to see anyone but an old white man as our president, but I’m certainly going to try to show the world that’s its possible with my one little vote. Of course some people are specifically NOT voting for the black candidate:

“I’m not sure America’s ready to have a black president. I think they might kill him.” – 50 Cent

Well that’s a good reason not to do things, Mister “I got shot nine times.” To fight against such niggerish beliefs, all else equal, how can I NOT use my vote to push this country past the fear that such a thing could ever happen? Past the very IDEA that such a thing should be expected? I’m going to use the same system I use for American Idol, Top Model, and even for Celebrity Fit Club, and just stand behind the perfectly capable black person for group bragging rights – that group being everyone from my ancestors who fought for the right to vote, right down to the felons who have lost that right. Long live the colored race to that.

No, seriously. That is what Thembi is doing.


  • LayliMA said:

    Of course the one random day when I am trolling the good blogs, you would have a “Broad Nail” image. Priceless.

  • cinco said:

    The Obama’s are inspirational. I am so thankful for there intelligence, caring spirits, sense of family, and for their ability to overcome many situations and become successful.

    I want him to win. I’m not even remotely inspired by McCain or Palin. And Joe the Plumber? No way he’s speaking for me.If he doesn’t the people that didn’t vote for him deserve what they get. Unfortunately we all will pay the price.

  • Miriam said:

    I’m glad I caught this post (at least the second time around!)

  • Malcolm said:

    Thanks for reposting this because I missed it the first time. I don’t have to tell you that it’s a lot of sour grapes being chewed on throughout the blogosphere because Obama won the election (by the way, Woo hoo!). If I was the instigating type, I’d send this link to all of them just to piss ’em off some more.

  • blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said:


    I just do not believe those are really your nails gurrrrl!!


    Did you just get hired at Popeye’s?


  • DJStylus said:

    the caption to that last photo almost sent me to meet my maker.

  • Gigi said:

    I know I’m late on this one but I’m still trying to recover from “Please, please, there’s enough room on my jock for all of you.” I’m dying from laughter on that one!

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