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Drunken Negro Head?

23 January 2009 2 Comments

You know how sometimes you see a news item that’s so ridiculous you think it must really be a Daily Show segment, then you realize that it’s way too elaborate to even be that, and then you think it must be some sort of cruel charade put on by the news, then you realize that it’s ridiculous for reasons so specific that no news crew could even know you’d find it ridiculous and therefore it must be real, and then you’re so disturbed that you’re forced to spread it all over the internet?

I have the sinking feeling that white people taking on this “what? who, me?” attitude about racist behavior is going to become increasingly popular over the next few years, along with other white people snapping at them about how racist they’re behaving. Are we about to live in an “anything goes because a black man can become president” society? And if it wasn’t already clear, having a Cuban brother in law does not mean you’re not a racist. Spread the memo through white America if you can.


  • illestmami said:

    Im wondering how much longer these “Drunken Nigger Heads” will be able to be sold at Layfayette Bakery in Greenwich Village after someone decides to get all Do The Right Thing on his ass. I’m imagining some of Flatbush’s Finest taking the A train to Lafayette and showing this fool what true niggas will do when angered.

    In related news, did this fool really make “Dead Geese Bread” after the United Airlines plane was forced to land in the Hudson River last week? The same plane that had women and children filling with water in below-freezing temperatures???

    God, what a dick!

  • RE Ausetkmt said:

    You’ve Got An Award Thembi !
    I enjoy your site, and subscribed so You Deserve An Award.
    you can pick it up on Sunday 01/25/09 @ http://badgals-radio.com/

    We’ve also passed an award onto the Lafayette Bakery – not the same one you received btw – theirs is the “Shut You Moufff Right Now” cause they need to.

    Great Blog – Keep It Up

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