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Old School Fridays: Orginals vs. Remakes

30 January 2009 10 Comments

You know what I miss? Back in the day when someone said anything about Vanessa Williams and you could be like hunh? Who? Oh, you mean Vanessa L. Williams? Not the one who was in New Jack City and Soul Food the TV show? Because that’s Vanessa A. Williams, you must mean the one who used to be Miss America and was in Soul Food . . . the movie. When in doubt just remember, the L stands for “light-skinned.” I was lucky enough to meet Vanessa L once, she is really gorgeous and has amazing skin.

I also miss the old days when every R&B song had a remix with a rapper hittin’ the bridge. Black Sheep’s A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was the first hip-hop album I really got down with, so I loved Dres’ contribution to Vanessa Lightskinned Williams’ 1991 cover of  the Isley Brothers’ 1972 classic “Work to Do.”  I tried to see Dres at an Old School revival show two years ago but he didn’t show up. Oh well. At least Ron Isley comes home from prison next year, right guys?

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  • Stacy said:

    I didn’t even know the Isley Brothers did the original version of this song! This Vanessa Williams cover was my song back in the day though! Oops, am I showing my age? :o)

  • ThaConnoisseur said:

    I think this is one of my favorite theme’s yet. Everyone has brought out some tracks girl. I LOVE this remake, loved Vanessa’s album and come on – I don’t have to say anything about the Isley’s. :)

  • Kim said:

    Oh, I loved Vanessa Williams when I was younger. Great picks!

  • Reginald Dorsey said:

    My mother played the hell out of this album. I have Comfort Zone in my head now.

  • sHaE-sHaE said:

    Nice selection, Vanessa sometimes gets over looked, but she has a great voice. :)

  • Marvalus said:

    I totally forgot that Mr. Big was in jail!

    Nice choice…I always liked Vanessa L.!

  • Regina said:

    The Isley’s hands down for me!

  • Vivrant Thang said:

    Okay, why oh why are they removing Isley Brothers YT vids like it just came out or something. SMDH.

    I love your participation in this because you always come out with some ish nobody has thought about since Who Shot JR.

    I might actually have to go with Vanessa on this one.

  • invisblewoman said:

    One of my very favorite songs ever! I actually had the hook on my answering machine back in the day, and sang along with the words. Vanessa, po’ baby–close, but no cigar…but had no idea it was produced by Dres.

    On a sidenote, saw Black Sheep at the Apollo once. One of the best shows EVER.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Believe it or not, I actually just heard Vanessa’s for the first time last week. I’d heard the title before but never the song…been jammin to it for several days now (though I prefer a live version on Youtube where she has some Latin percussion behind her). I did not know it was a cover, and I gotta say now I much prefer the Isleys’. That’s some good-time soul-rock.

    But there’s a place in my life for both.

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