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Old School Fridays: Too Hot For Radio

23 January 2009 9 Comments

I am so glad to be back to Old School Fridays, and with such a sassy theme too! I’m going to take “Too Hot for Radio” to mean any song that’s so racy and inappropriate that it never made it on the airwaves, or at the very least had to be edited left and right just to be played.

The first thing that comes to mind this week is Luke – what a perv. Every single song he turned out, whether solo or with 2 Live Crew, was just plain nasty and wrong, which made it all the more appealing to an innocent young thing such as my 1990’s self. Out of all the face-down a$$ up jams he had us rocking to, my favorite was 1996’s  “Scarred” featuring a young Trick Daddy. I distinctly remember being on crutches and hopping off of those bad boys to shake a tail feather to this at a house party. I wonder where all of these video hoes are now…

Why is that after seeing Notorious I wasn’t at all tempted to dig through the crates to hear some old Lil’ Kim? It’s not because she’s still alive, it’s just that there’s something so un-listenable about lyrics like “take it the butt/yes, yes, what.” Maybe it’s just me. Still, I can’t front on “Big Momma Thang,” featuring Jay-Z from 1996’s Hard Core. I don’t think an actual video exists, so this album cover dealie will have to do as far as remembering what Kim looked like before her transformation into lord knows what.

Last but not least, have you ever wondered what the studio session for Akinyele’s 1996 anthem “Put it in My Mouth,” must have been like? How many times did homegirl have to sing “and you can eat me oooouuut,” before the producer said it was perfect? The world may never know. Again, this is not the real video because the YouTube search was putting me into NSFW category very quickly.

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  • Martin said:

    Whew, you went all the way hard core.

    Tell me this. How did you add the list of meme participants? I need to update my post to show it. Would you mind e-mailing it to me directly or commenting on my site?


  • admin said:

    Just copy my list and paste it while youre in view mode. Let me know if you have any problems!

  • Kim said:

    Great minds think alike. I picked “Big Momma Thang” too. And I absolutely use to love that Akinyele joint. I consider myself a self-respecting woman who wouldn’t allow herself to be treated or spoken to in the way those songs suggest. But those joints use to get me hyped in the club.

  • Verite Parlant said:

    Really enjoyed the post, especially your sense of humor. 2 Live Crew. Hadn’t heard that name in a while. I’m older than you, however, so I really went back in time for mine. Really enjoyed my visit.

  • MrsGrapevine said:

    Oooh, Scarred was my song. It makes you want to get on the dance floor at act like you have no self-respect. I dont’ know how Luke does it, but he makes you want to be a stripper.

    Anything from that Little Kim album is too hot for radio. We all had a copy, too.

    You are keeping it to real. My college boyfriend was from Oakland, and he brought a lot of racy songs to my attention inclusing this one, Put it in your mouth”. These songs were played at parties and girls and boys would get crunk.

    I started to play T-shirt and Panties, but I decided to keep it rated R, instead of XXX.

    But know that there was a time in my life where all these songs were hits.


  • Regina said:

    That Lil Kim tape got a lot of play in my party days. Akinyele(Didn’t play the video because I clearly remember the song)got a lot of play in the after parties and an occasional club dj got bold and gave it a spin.
    Definitely to hot for radio!

  • Marvalus said:

    I used to thoroughly enjoy Luke and his naughtiness! This music played hard during my college years at the frat parties…ah, the memories!

  • ThaConnoisseur said:

    Lady, you and I started off on the same page.

    I almost put Akinyele on the list right along with Snoop Dog’s “It Ain’t No Fun” – so nasty yet so much damn fun.

  • Lady The Boss said:

    Lmao I have been looking for that Luke song forever but I couldn’t figure out the name of it. The main thing I could ever remember about that song is at the end when he said captain dick comin, pocahontas comin, omg lmfao! Thanks for posting the vid!

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