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Black History Month Gets Worse

26 February 2009 10 Comments

I added this to my What The Eff? Wednesday post for posterity, but I wanted to make sure that everyone saw this mess!

Just when things didn’t seem like they could get any worse, my homegirl spotted the most inappropriate Black History Month class project ever on display. I mean EVER.


Your eyes do not deceive you. This is the wall of a Philadelphia school displaying kids’ attempts at recreating runaway slave wanted posters. Here’s a closer look at some of them:



So there’s a teacher in Philadelphia who thinks it’s appropriate to celebrate Black History Month by having kids imagine and depict not being a runaway slave and following the drinking gourd and such, but hunting for a runaway slave? And then grading them on how enhanced their descriptions of the runaway slaves are? I’m done.


  • ASmith said:

    UM?! I don’t have words that appropriately address how I feel. The end.

    Man.. every day I’m shocked by the ignorance running rampant in our society and THEN I’m shocked that I’m shocked.

  • Julian said:

    Why does Illayho the slave only have one eye?

  • aaliyah said:

    ummm…there really are no words. WOW.

  • DVE said:

    I hope something happens to the teacher, but nothing will probably happen. That is a shame!

  • gradmommy said:

    Are you kidding me? How dare any teacher, and I’m assuming here so correct me if I’m wrong, have black children not only depict themselves as runaway slaves – which is still wild – and then also hunt for themselves??? What is the purpose of this? And we want to know why our kids are so eff’ed up!

  • michelle m said:

    What exactly was the objective of this lesson?

    “At the end of this lesson, students will __________________________.”

    Miss/Mr. Room 304 Teacher, I need you to fill in the blank.

    I thought that was a black eye on Illayha…Bob “doesn’t have a right foot”…and apparently NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL thought that this display and the lesson (I assume there was a lesson) it grew from was a problem…Lord have mercy, for real…

  • invisiblewoman said:

    I’m sorry, but that ish made me laugh! Just tragic.

    Is that Illayho or Curious George? Sorry to bring up the black/monkey thing again….

  • Mike said:

    Another reason to get my children out of the philadelphia school district.

  • Al-Amin said:

    OUCH……I’m at work in true disbelief today. That teacher needs His/Her “AZZ-Beat like a drum”….Has he/she ever heard of the process of thinking POSITIVELY. I mean come on a little imagination is all he/she needed. HOW ABOUT A Project LIKE—–> You have just gained your Independence/Freedom….What will you do for your community and your family??? It’s that simple Thembi…but getting our children to spend there time imagining about being a runaway slave??? / Somebody get OBAMA on the phone…Actually…this is some First-Lady ish right here……*Calling Michelle right now*

    P.S. Were the childrens parent’s aware of this…or was this one of those what happens in the class, stay’s in the classroom assignments???

  • jazzfan360 said:

    @ Julian–Illayho *clearly* doesn’t have one eye because the white folks cut it out the LAST damn time his ass tried to run somewhere! He and Bob are obviously from the same plantation and are best friends; perhaps one of them is kinda slow, like a George-and-Lenny sorta thing, and Bob only goes where Illayho goes, so when Illayho was like “We getting the eff up outta here,” of course Bob had to go too. So Massa caught ’em and brought ’em back, and he cut off Bob’s right foot so he can’t get follow Illayho, and he cut out Ill-Dawg’s eye so Ill-Boogie can’t lead nowhere proper. And SHOULD they get away, they can’t pretend they’re just any black folks–they’re obviously the twosome from the wanted posters with the foot-and-eye syndrome. That’s a damn shame right there.

    But seriously, somebody needs to be FIRED over this.

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