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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge Week 3: Answers!

23 February 2009 4 Comments

This week’s quiz was way easier but it was just the calm before the storm. Trust me, Week 4’s quiz will come out on Tuesday and because it determines who gets $100 of my hard-earned dough it will be nothin’ nice.

This week’s scores were crazy high:

1. Mr Smart Guy, Joy, Woe – 110

2. Monica – 105 (I robbed Monica of 15 points last week, sorry girl!)

3. Dwayne – a newcomer! – 100

4. Danielle – 95

5. Latoya – 83

A lot of people were very close behind!

This means going into our final week the standings are at:

1. Joy – 315

2. Mr Smart Guy – 302

3. Monica – 287

4. Woe – 255

5. Danielle – 250

Wow. Anyone really can win this game, even if your name is not up there. I guess we’ll see! Here are this week’s answers:

1. Photo ID. This is the cast photo of what short-lived 90’s sitcom? (5 points)


Good News

2. What movie is this screenshot from? (5 points)


Phat Beach (sorry I had to do this to y’all, but this movie has been on my mind all week).

3. Whose birth is being depicted in the screenshot below (10 points)?


Kunta Kinte – this is a scene from Alex Haley’s Roots.

4. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett. You’ve heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” This is the black version because lord knows Angela Bassett has worked just as much as he has! Connect Angela Bassett to another celebrity using movies, television, or music. Easy example: How can you connect Angela Bassett to Larenz Tate? One path is that she was in How Stella Got Her Groove Back with Taye Diggs, who was in The Best Man with Nia Long, who was in Love Jones with Larenz Tate. Remember you can use tv, movies, or music, but not relationships like who’s dated whom, etc.

Can you connect Angela Basset to Lil Jon? (10 points)

There are many ways, but its helpful to remember that Lil Jon was in Soul Plane and on Chappelle Show which leads to the film industry, and he’s created music with rapper/actors like Ludacris as well.

5. Hip-Hop Quotable. “I grew up on the crime side the New York Time side staying alive was no jive / had second-hands, Moms bounced on old man, so then we moved to Shaolin land”(1 point per blank for 10 points) – “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu-Tang Clan

6. Random Math. Take the number floor Martin’s Bruh Man lived on and multiply it by the total number of Jackson siblings. Subtract the number of House Party installments. (5 points)

Bruh Man lived on the fifth floor and there were nine Jackson siblings (Rebbie, Latoya, Janet, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Michael, and Marlon!). That’s 45. There were 4 House Party installments, so the answer is 41.

7. Who Am I? Name this pioneering entertainer. (10 points)


Moms Mabley! If you don’t know about her please get to Googlin’.

8. Obligatory Cosby Show Question. The Huxtable kids were always telling half-truths. Do you remember the real story? I am so impressed by you guys and the level of detail you remember, you just can’t Google some things!

Claire conducted a mock trial to find out why Theo was late for Vanessa’s play. Where had he been – be specific? Why was he late? (5 points) Theo and Cockroach went to Circus Burger after their track meet, but didn’t get to have food because they were making fun of the overweight girl behind the counter and made her cry. That is why the coach kicked them off of thee track team.

What band did Vanessa sneak out to see? Where was the band playing? (5 points) She went to go see The Wretched in Baltimore (and have BIIIIG fun!)

What rapper did Rudy sneak to go see? What was the name of the club? (5 points) JT Freeze (played by Special Ed) was performing at The Exchange.

9. Connections. What do these three actresses have in common? They are not the only black actors to share this commonality. Top to bottom: Debbie Allen, Rosalind Cash, Sheryl Lee Ralph (15 points).



Sheryl Lee Ralph iVillage Live

This one wasn’t too tough – each of these actresses played J.J.’s girlfriend on Good Times. A few of you guessed that all three women played high school teachers, which I hadn’t even thought of, so I gave credit for that answer as well.

10. Clear That Sample.This song has been sampled for dozens of hip-hop and r&b songs. Name 3 of them. (15 points)

This is “The Champ,” by The Mohawks, is one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop.  A list of 45 of these songs can be found here, but a few are missing, including “Slam,” by Onyx. Check the video out here:

Onyx – Slam
by bullback

BONUS READER APPRECIATION QUESTION: There were so many problems with my last apartment. Name two for five points each.

It really warms my heart that y’all remember that man who stole my Jet magazine, the arguing neighbors, the “waterbug revolution,” my shady landlord and his “recycles Benz,” sign, the mouse, and how cold it was. I am so glad I moved!


  • Dara said:

    maaan, i didnt even place! but having gotten the bonus question counts for a zillion points in my eyes!

  • Malcolm said:

    Since all three did co-star with pro athletes, do I get the points?

  • Lola AM said:

    Hmph! I felt like I was taking for a final I didn’t study for! However, I got the sample right—FINALLY!!! I didn’t get your answer for the 3 actresses, I still came up with their commonality of starting their careers in broadway.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Gah! That’s what I get for not double-checking. I thought the song question was the bonus, and ‘cuz I was being stupid I didn’t realize the bonus question was something I could’ve actually answered. Guh.

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