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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge Week 3!

17 February 2009 No Comment

The Rules again:

– You will have until Sunday evening at 8:00 pm to submit your answers to me via e-mail at quiz@whatwouldthembido.com.
-I will post the answers and the top 10 scores every Tuesday.
-The quiz will be cumulative, so anyone can take the lead at any time! The best part is, because I love my readers so much, the winner gets a $100 gift certificate to iTunes, Target, or Amazon.com! I’m so for real!

The best way to go about this is to copy and paste the quiz into an e-mail, title the e-mail “Week One” insert your answers and send it to me. I will only accept one entry per week per person, and you may not use an anonymous e-mail address for submissions. Don’t leave answers in the comments because what’s the point of that?! Lastly, if you use the internet to find the answers you’se a CHEATER, but to guard against you sneaky petes not all of the questions can be answered through Google alone anyway so don’t even try to break fly! And yes, there will always be an extra credit bonus question that loyal readers will have an easier time answering.

1. Photo ID. This is the cast photo of what short-lived 90’s sitcom? (5 points)


2. What movie is this screenshot from? (5 points)


3. Whose birth is being depicted in the screenshot below (10 points)?


4. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett. You’ve heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” This is the black version because lord knows Angela Bassett has worked just as much as he has! Connect Angela Bassett to another celebrity using movies, television, or music. Easy example: How can you connect Angela Bassett to Larenz Tate? One path is that she was in How Stella Got Her Groove Back with Taye Diggs, who was in The Best Man with Nia Long, who was in Love Jones with Larenz Tate. Remember you can use tv, movies, or music, but not relationships like who’s dated whom, etc.

Can you connect Angela Basset to Lil Jon? (10 points)

5. Hip-Hop Quotable. “I _ _ _ _ up on the _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _  the _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _  side staying alive was no _ _ _ _ / had second-hands, _ _ _ _ bounced on _ _ _  man, so then we moved to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ land”(1 point per blank for 10 points)

6. Random Math. Take the number floor Martin’s Bruh Man lived on and multiply it by the total number of Jackson siblings. Subtract the number of House Party installments. (5 points)

7. Who Am I? Name this pioneering entertainer. (10 points)


8. Obligatory Cosby Show Question. The Huxtable kids were always telling half-truths. Do you remember the real story?

Claire conducted a mock trial to find out why Theo was late for Vanessa’s play. Where had he been – be specific? Why was he late? (5 points)

What band did Vanessa sneak out to see? Where was the band playing? (5 points)

What rapper did Rudy sneak to go see? What was the name of the club? (5 points)

9. Connections. What do these three actresses have in common? They are not the only black actors to share this commonality. Top to bottom: Debbie Allen, Rosalind Cash, Sheryl Lee Ralph (15 points).



Sheryl Lee Ralph iVillage Live

10. Clear That Sample.This song has been sampled for dozens of hip-hop and r&b songs. Name 3 of them. (15 points)

BONUS READER APPRECIATION QUESTION: There were so many problems with my last apartment. Name two for five points each.

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