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Good Hair Gone Bad Update: Devante Swing on Chris Brown and Rihanna

23 February 2009 17 Comments

There are times when I just get all choked up with this magical combination of fear and extreme laughter, and this is almost one of those times. I’m not as much scared right now because I know Devante can’t hurt me, and I’m pretty much obligated at this point to keep y’all abreast of his whereabouts so it’s almost not even funny. I could care less what he thinks about Chris Brown and Rihanna; frankly reporters asking anyone’s opinion on the matter are only hoping for the kind of damning slip-up that only a cracked out crooner with a tattoo on his face could deliver, and Devante does not disappoint on that level. What I am here to discuss is his hair, which, sadly, demonstrates that “good hair gone bad,” is not simply one of my catchphrases, it’s a real phenomenon. What on Earth would make you scrape your hair into that kabuki beedeebee bun that he’s rocking? Devante really is that dude that used to be so cute and still delusionally feels cute inside; he still slicks his hair back, swipes some Vaseline across his lips, and dabs a bit of dime store cologne behind each ear. I bet he wears house shoes everywhere he goes and uses a whole lot of baby powder. I still cannot figure out what happened to him but I’m still not going to give up.


  • Woe said:

    Devante – When trying to stay relevant, goes wrong.

  • illestmami said:

    How does this man even have enough money to have a bodyguard?

    How does he continue to get recognized?

    LOL @ “beedeebee” bun.

  • Julian said:

    Beedeebeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! As far as cultural theory goes, I feel like “good hair gone bad” is right up there with Skip Gates’ “signifying monkey.” It’s real y’all!!

  • aaliyah said:

    the beedeebee bun needs to be added to our black lexicon. i am just befuddled by what is ailing this man. he went from swagger to….is there a word for what he is right now???

  • Gigi said:

    Lord, wow, I cannot believe this man is Devante! Just makes you think to yourself-be grateful you are not with (most of) the men you found attractive when you were a youngin’….He sure does have a lot to say on this issue…guess what–no one cares Devante (especially with your rant on equal rights)!

  • bklyn6 said:

    He’d give Keke Wyatt a run for her money!

    Yes, “beedeebee” needs its own entry in urbandictionary.com.:-)

  • LaJane Galt said:

    illestmami said:
    How does this man even have enough money to have a bodyguard?

    That’s not a bodyguard, that’s an orderly.

  • Val Franco said:

    All yall are so dumb and the thambi u even dumber. this man is a genius and has plenty of money. He produced for so many people back in the early 90’s to even know. So all yall are just dumb for saying he aint shit. He the best DAMN PRODUCER EVER YALL. YALL JUST JEALOUS CUZ YALL AINT GO NO LIFE AND HAVING NOTHING TO DO BUT JUST KEEP HELL FOR HIM. JODECI 4 LIFE MUTHA……..

  • J4Life said:

    Say whateva you want………..DEVANTE SWING

  • J4Life said:

    Say whatever you like…DEVANTE SWING is a musical genius….AND no matter what is said about him HE WILL go down in history as one of the BEST

  • Kaiser_Soze said:

    DeVante Swing is the man and Jodeci still rocks after all these years…anything that takes jabs at these guys are just unappreciative and don’t respect real music. What these guys brought with their album was raw. The guys have the bad boy image, but it’s all good, stop always talking trash about them!

  • Jodeci4LIFE said:

    Read your history…DEVANTE SWING is and will always be the baddest producer that ever lived…He will go down in history…the man is a MUSICAL GENIUS and continues to this day to write and produce…read your history and stay off the gossip boards…….

  • Barris Jahn said:

    Hi, I know DeVante ‘Swing’ and I thought it must be a joke that so many people talk trash on him. He found and brought up an number of names, bands, artists, Producers, that you all listen too. He is a Master Producer if there ever was one. How does he make money? well, when your a master producer that helps out. He does not sit around and smoke crack! He does not put Vaseline and baby powder on his shoes.
    He is extremely cool, a good person and a great friend. Let me tell it too you strait. Whether it is Jodeci for life, or whatever you want to say, DeVante is a true Master and has produced many artists and the reason is that he is an excellent songwriter, Producer, and he has the ability to recognize Talent, and there is always a risk that comes with that, that the talent can walk away after you have invested time in them. You Just don’t get where he has been in life, if you are not a Master at what you do!!

  • bodydetoxdiet said:

    Chris Brown is an abusive boyfriend. He beats Rihanna badly.

  • chris said:

    i like the music of Chris Brown but he is just an abusive boyfriend. poor Rihanna.

  • | melatonin said:

    i am a fan of Chris Brown his music is so cool. it is too bad that his relationship with Rihanna did not work out.

  • Kaylee Lopez said:

    it is a bit sad that this beautiful and talented Rihanna would fall in love with an a-hole like chris brown*.`

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