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6 February 2009 6 Comments

I’ve had a super busy week but I’ve still been keeping my eyes peeled for all types of things that are in theĀ  mix. That and spreading myself around a bit…


I’m moonlighting at The Smoking Section, and I can’t believe I’m just now putting y’all on to that fact. Don’t worry WWTD will continue as usual. Did you hear about how poor Vivica Fox is now endorsing The Psychic Friends Network but is claiming that her image is being used without permission? How? My analysis of her bs can be found here (you know I tear her up, right?).

I just came from a great trip down to Hampton University to participate in a panel discussion about black women in film. I forgot how much I love young people and their hungry new minds! I hope to post video of the discussion soon. The symposium was conceived by fellow blogger Hampton06. If you haven’t read his blog yet check out his Ill Professors podcast on Boyz N’ The Hood, which I consider one of his best.

I’ve also been contributing to the music blog Crossfaded Bacon, posting even more throwbacks beyond my usual Old School Friday efforts. I’m soooo excited about the new Wu-Tang music that’s on it’s way out; Raekwon’s purple tape was only my favorite album ever, so sue me for being so hype. Check out the two latest leaked tracks from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 right here.

Finally, people keep asking me what I think about this and that, and it never occurs to me to offer my opinion on certain things because I only have a few words to say. My plan is to incorporate my quick opinion on certain subjects into my upcoming video podcast. I know, I know, I tell lies about these things, but the first episode will be online before the end of March, I promise.

Regarding Beyonce and Etta James: It really isn’t my place to get involved in beige-on-beige crime, but I kind of do feel Etta on this one. “At Last” is an Etta James song, period, and no one is ever going to sing it quite like her. I was one of the fifteen people who saw Cadillac Records in the theater, and while Beyonce’s rendition of the song was one of the best parts of the film I’m pretty sure that America has forgotten that Beyonce even played Etta James at all. On the other hand, as much as she claims to have been joking around, Ms. James’ lack of couth in addressing the issue reveals why she isn’t invited to headline more special events. Consider your cards played, Etta!

Regarding The Octuplet Mom: So I watched a clip from the Today Show interview of the octuplet mom. I’m a huge fan of reproductive rights but I get a bit of a nutty vibe from this woman. I also think that we need to spend more time questioning doctors and the things they do to maintain their reputations. There is no good medical reason to implant eight embryos into any one’s uterus. While the fertility center claims it’s to increase the success of the implantation, they’re really doing so for their own statistics and so they can claim a high percentage of successful IVF procedures. This is why IVF results in multiple births and it’s a disservice to the mother and the babies, both of which face additional health risks because of this overzealousness. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s to save the potential mother some money, because since when is modern medicine focused on that?!

Regarding Rod Blagojevich: I have to respect his gangster. There is something about being so stone cold dead wrong yet so indignant and verbose about how wrong you aren’t that just puts me in awe of this man. That said, he has that hair that conjures Johnny from The Karate Kid: all evil, all the time, and ready to do anything to win, including sweeping the leg.

Uggs, Man Uggs, and Man Purses: I’ve never owned a pair of Uggs and have never understood why people like them so much but hey, live and let live. They’ve been going strong for over five years now and I’m not the only one wondering why that is, but again, live and let live. But recently I’ve been seeing men wearing Uggs and not in a “Hippie Mr Mom,” type of way, but in a cosmopolitan P. Diddy type of way. Furthermore, this type of man is also likely to rock a man purse. Times like these I wish I were a homophobe so that I could just call the whole set of trends “gay,” but most gay men wouldn’t be caught dead in such a tacky set of accessories. To all the men out there please, do not wear Uggs in a hip-hop or blipster way. Learn the difference between a man-purse and a carrying case. If all you have in there is chapstick and your wallet you do not need a purse. Thanks!


  • Dare said:

    Re: Octuplet mom, THANK YOU! While we hate to judge anyone’s reproductive decisions, this case is obviously against standard medical practice. This doctor has not only jeopardized the health of the eight children by allowing such a pregnancy to be developed and carried to term, (they are at continuing risk for congenital and developmental problems) this is not the first time. This woman already had six kids, all by in-vitro, all at the same clinic, all by the same sperm donor. Something fishy is going on here.. and the doctor/clinic obviously are not using any sort of moral or professional compass about giving this woman exactly what she wants no matter how dangerous it is to her own or her children’s health.

  • Malcolm said:

    Before I went to Wiki just now, I didn’t even know what those boots (Uggs) were called. Although they aren’t as bad as Crocs, I can’t see myself ever wearing Uggs either.

  • Hampton06 said:

    waddup! first of all, my students loved you! i will say that a few did take issue with your stance on maya (girlfriends). it took so much restraint to not call you during the grammy awards. i have about 46 blog posts in my head. i need to write.

    oh…and i hate uggs.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    While I certainly can see where Etta’s side in this, it should also be known that many others have performed the song and Etta was certainly not the first person to do it. Beyonce has also been very up-front about the fact that Etta’s been a major influence on her musically, and has had nothing but glowing things to say about her, and of course just played her to big acclaim in a major motion picture just a few months ago, and back then Etta had nothing but praise. Then of course while it was being promoted, Beyonce serenaded Etta WITH that song as part of a tribute on Fashion Rocks, and Etta certainly seems quite pleased at the end there.

    But the main part of this is the fact that if Etta’s gonna be pissed at anybody, she needs to take it up with the president and nobody else. That singer and that song were hand-picked by the First Couple–Beyonce was presented with an opportunity that NO performer in the world would have refused. When you are summoned for a command performance for the leader of the free world on one of the biggest days in history, you move heaven and earth if you have to, but you show up and you get the job done. Anybody else would’ve done it, and Beyonce would’ve been beyond stupid not to. If Etta’s too jealous to see that, then that sounds like her problem.

    Again, I see where she’s coming from, and she’s one of my all-time favorites, but Etta’s doing fine. She’s been recording and performing for five decades, she’s still getting nominated for awards and headlining festivals and touring through major venues. She has never had to make a comeback because she’s never left the limelight. Beyonce is NOT taking food out of Etta James’ mouth. If this ain’t “live and let live,” I don’t know what is. Folks gotta know how to pick their battles. This was not wise.

  • mynameismyname said:

    You particapted in a HU discussion about black women in film? The one about “mammies, tragic mulattoes” and the such with Donna Hill, the romance writer and Liggins, from Morehouse? Which speaker were you? I attended that seminar and interested in knowing which speaker you were.

  • thembi (author) said:

    I was not a speaker at that seminar, I spoke at”Still Waiting to Exhale.” I think the stereotype talk was a few weeks after mine. If you did catch the black women in film talk, though, I was the black lady with the big hair :)

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