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Old School Fridays: When I Was In 10th Grade

27 February 2009 7 Comments
That's me second from left at Nerd Camp, summer '95. No, seriously, I literally went to math and science CAMP..

[That’s me second from left at Nerd Camp, summer ’95. No, seriously, I literally went to math and science camp.]

My tenth grade year was 1994-1995, arguably the best year in music. It was hard to even narrow it down to these three! When I was in 10th grade I was beginning to appreciate hip-hop in a whole different way – it was in full flourish.  I spent my first summer away from home playing mixtapes on my yellow Sony Sports Walkman (you know, the one whose knobs always ended up falling off).

In 1995 there was hip-hop to spare – we had so much to listen to and most of it was high quality music. There were groups that would drop singles, get all kinds of video rotation, and then seemingly vanish. One such example is Da Bush Babees with “We Run Things.” This is a tight song, easily better than most on the radio today. I had a big crush on the little cutie pie Baby Face Kaos!

Questionmark Asylum is another ’95 disappearing act. “Hey, Lookaway” featuring BlackGirl was my sho’ nuff jam and I just knew the crew would at least drop a sophomore albm. And what in the name of pleated mini-skirts ever happened to BlackGirl!? Anyway, I thought these D.C. boys were so cute and fly with their little dance moves and leather and smart party lyrics. The theme of Thembi and her unrequited hip-hop one hit wonder crushes is slowly developing.

And here is where the crushing ends: Black Panta with “Do What You Want,” from the New Jersey Drive soundtrack. Strangely, I didn’t see this movie until last year, but I rocked the soundtrack all the time back when it was applicable. I sure don’t know what Black Panta is up to but I bet he no longer has that blond streak! I remember this video being everywhere and formally ending my affinity for dancehall music before it even began (I discovered that The Butterfly is not a dance that I was born to do and ever since I’ve been more of a spectator than participant).

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  • freshandfab said:

    lol at math and science camp, i would have literally died, i hate math and science.

    great osf picks, have a gr8 weekend

  • ASmith said:

    You’re right about 94 – 95 being a great time for hip hop… I usually stretch it out to ’96, too. What I wouldn’t give to just relive some of that music, honestly.

  • lola gets said:

    Ok, this post made me feel really old and really DC, aka southern. Man, I didnt recognize any of those songs, or the movie that one of them came from!


  • Monica said:

    math and science camp, huh? … thembi, were you a MITE?

  • ThaConnoisseur said:


    I am still freaking out.

    Wow…speechless. WICKED pick!! FYAH!!

  • impak875 said:

    The BushBabies is taking me waaaay back!!! Questionmark Asylum??? I didn’t think anyone would remember that one… the Erick Sermon remix on the 12″ was sick!!! Ahhhh Channel Live, Mad Izm… not much about this I can say, definite banger from back in the day. Panta was cool, I always though he should have made a harder reggae styled remix. On that same soundtrack, Outkast’s Benz or Beamer, is pure fire!! All in all I must say you have some great selections!!! Like BushBabies stated “I represent for Hip-Hop and not the Rap y’all!!!”

  • Tonia said:

    I don’t remeber these songs but I am in total agreeance with you on Hip-Hop reaching last(?) peak at that time. The flow of Questionmark Asylum was very remeincent of what was hot at that time and I loved it. I may have to look them up!

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