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19 February 2009 4 Comments

Cops: Hair Weave Stops Bullet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A woman was complaining of a headache Thursday morning, but police say her tightly-woven hair weave kept it from being much worse.

Detectives say a bullet, allegedly fired at her by her ex-boyfriend, became lodged in her hair.

Authorities were called to the Country View Market, 5802 Swope Parkway, around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Arriving officers found the 20-year-old woman there. She told police she had pulled into the market and saw a man with whom she had recently ended an eight-month relation with inside a car there.

A second man came up to the woman’s window and told her that the ex-boyfriend still loved her, an incident report filed by the Kansas City Police Department said.

The woman told the second man “I don’t love him.”

At that time, the victim told police she heard gunshots and saw her ex-boyfriend walking toward the back of her car firing a handgun.

The victim sped away in her vehicle as her back window shattered, police said.

She returned to the scene a moment later to witness both suspects leaving in their vehicle.

Officers found the bullet in the woman’s hair and said her tightly-woven weave likely saved her life.

The victim was not seriously harmed and refused treatment at the scene.

The ex-boyfriend and the second suspect were both taken into custody a short time later.

Thembi Says: Do you see this? Is this black folks out of control or what? Am I the only one who thinks it’s fishy that she returned to the scene after having been shot by her ex-boyfriend, at while rocking a bullet like a barrette, no less? I never thought I’d have to use a post title this played out, but the fact that this woman can actually say that her life was saved by her hair weave really is un-be-weavable. All of this has me wondering what kind of industrial grade hair weave could catch a bullet and result in nothing more than a headache.  This is definitely the kind of thing that could ONLY happen to a black woman!

UPDATE: Here is the news report featuring the victim and her weave cap of steel. Lord help us all.


  • PBG said:

    What in the Yaki Straight h3ll???

    I am quite curious to know which Asian superhero sacrificed their hair to make the weave that gave this woman just one more day to tell the story!

    Unbeweavable indeed!

  • Monica said:

    OK… it couldn’t have just been weave. She must have had it plastered down with industrial strength “brown gel” too. That is amazing.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    Well now I feel really bad for two reasons.

    1) I used to live in Kansas City, MO.
    2) While living there I made fun of many a woman with a weave.

    After reading this I should have been encouraging them to keep their weaves, and not just that but upgrade to the kevlar weave that this woman must have been wearing. Can you imagine how this break though will affect the future of female diplomatic officials protection. This may be the next big thing. Why did I just have a flashback of that Bobby Jimmy song Hair or Weave? lol

  • aaliyah said:

    so fitting for black history month. she needs to patent it and market it to all black cia/fbi chicks. INCREDIBLE.

    but most importantly, Thembi, thank you for pointing out the fact that she RETURNED to the scene. NUTS.

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