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Again, I Say No.

13 March 2009 10 Comments

Late last year I posted about the upcoming Cosby show porno. I still don’t really “get” this particular kind of adult film – is it supposed to be funny or actually get people aroused? In spite of my utter confusion AVN’s “Not The Cosby’s XXX” is in production and as one would suspect, it’s chock-full of black sitcom blasphemy.

The cast photo has varying degrees of wrongness, especially since I can’t tell who some of those women are supposed to be – I see Claire and maybe Sandra but who is the other one? And I can tell that Theo and Cockraoch have to get into something – aside from the too-obvious puns that can be madee with his name, what is he doing in this photo otherwise? And there needs to be some sort of discussion in the wig industry about how to properly create and wear a low afro wig, because it just isn’t happening like it’s supposed to.


I am infuriated at Rudy’s dress and saddened (as usual) by any representations¬†of Vanessa’s hair. I was watching an episode the other day where she had that geo-fro, and just when I was going to take a picture of it she went off-screen. I think she should be remembered with the geo-fro, not the old school pinned-down pouf.


This one actually doesn’t bother me much. At least they nailed the sweater. I have nothing else to say about this.


  • sHaE-sHaE said:

    What in the name of…? This is wrong on so many nasty, incestuous levels. How foul.

  • john said:

    AVN have u lost ur godamn mind

  • jazzfan360 said:

    There…is no limit to the amount of problems happening here, and Clair’s ashy knees and the random inclusion of, apparently, Ja’Net Dubois in the back of the cast picture there are only two of them. I can’t believe this isn’t tied up in extreme litigation, especially considering it’s actually using Bill Cosby’s name.

    I’ll go on record as saying I always hated the geo-fro. The shape of it made me angry.

  • lola gets said:

    I, too, hated the geo-fro. It was just wrong!

    Now, you know theyre doing a porn version of the tv show “Grease” right? So, this Cosby Show remake doesnt suprise me at all. And the “actors” in the Grease version didnt look like their actual characters either, lol.


  • bklyn6 said:

    sHaE-sHaE you read my mind. *shudder*

  • Get Togetha said:

    This is all types of nast. I mean really…what kind of human being would watch this? *In my most naive voice*

  • LaJane Galt said:

    I can’t wait to see the Jazz lip syncs they put on for the Grandfolks.

  • Dara said:

    so wait…this is a porn? and they’ll all be having sex with…eachother? like, as a family? im bothered.

  • Not The Cosby Show | What Would Thembi Do? said:

    […] is the third time I’ve posted about Not The Cosby Show XXX because the information and media keeps getting better and better and I do have to keep you […]

  • Ms. Debi~ said:

    O my! I cant believe the Cos hasnt gathered his legal team and sued the fluck outta whoever is makin this!

    And just the suggestion of them havin sex with each other is sickening…


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