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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge: And The Winner Is…

3 March 2009 7 Comments

First, I wanted to thank everyone for playing – I had such a great time creating these quizzes and reading your answers (even the wrong ones if they were funny). A whole lot of you played but only eight of you stuck it out for all four rounds, so I have to give props to you – JazzFan360, Mr Smart guy, Woe, Latoya, Lola, Joy, Monica, and Malcolm! A special shout out to bfolk, who really gave it his all even though he knew he wasn’t a contender.

This week’s results were crazy for a 115 point quiz:

1. Mr Smart Guy, Woe – 115

2. Joy, Lola – 105

3. Monica, JazzFan360, Dwayne – 100

Which means the winner of the cumulative-point contest, and winner of the $100 gift certificate is:

JOY!!!!! with 420 of 445 points in the competition! Joy’s quizzes were almost flawless in a freak-of-nature sort of way. I will holla at her with her prize and remind her how many white folks I had to roll my eyes at to earn $100 for the rest of her life.

Mr Smart Guy was a VERY close runner-up with 417 of 445 points. He’s also the designer responsible for the lovely new look of the WWTD banner. I’m going to find something to do for him because I feel bad he came sooo close to winning. You had fun, though, right…?

The bronze medal goes to Monica with 387 out of 445 points, who lay in wait for the Gordon Gartrelle question the entire month, and was so up on the quiz that when I accidentally robbed her of points she noticed and let your girl know.That’s my type of reader.

Again, thanks everyone for playing, and here are this week’s answers.

1. Photo ID. This is the cast of what short-lived black sitcom? (5 points)


Minor Adjustments. The show aired from 1995-1996 on NBC.

2. Name three black television theme songs written or performed by cast members. (10 points)

227, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Living Single, A Different World (co-written by Dawnn Lewis), The Cosby Show (co-written by Bill Cosby), Hangin’ With Mister Cooper, Sister Sister, etc.

3. Who Am I? Name the singer/actor/composer on the far right of this photo. (10 points)


A lot of folks got this and I’m impressed! That is none other than the great Jester Hairston, pictured with his a Capella group at Tufts University way back in the day. You probably know him best as Rolly from Amen (as below), but he had a very distinguished career as a composer and academic. I’ll be sure to revisit his life story sometime soon.


4. Name this Martin character and his signature song. (10 points)


This is  Elroy The Mechanic who sang “Don’cha Know No Good” (whatever that means).

5. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett. You’ve heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” This is the black version because lord knows Angela Bassett has worked just as much as he has! Connect Angela Bassett to another celebrity using movies, television, or music. Easy example: How can you connect Angela Bassett to Larenz Tate? One path is that she was in How Stella Got Her Groove Back with Taye Diggs, who was in The Best Man with Nia Long, who was in Love Jones with Larenz Tate. Remember you can use tv, movies, or music, but not relationships like who’s dated whom, etc.

Can You Connect Angela Bassett with Roxie Roker? (10 points)

There are many ways, but the most popular answer was connecting Roxie Roker to Marla Gibbs through The Jeffersons, which led to Regina King (who was my second choice for the “Six Degrees” feature – that girl works!)

6. Hip Hop Quotable. “We like the cars, the cars that go boom/ we’re Tigra and Bunny and we like the boom” (5 points) – “Cars That Go Boom,” L’Trimm

7. Random Math. Take the hour in the morning that Snoop’s freaks are leaving in “Gin and Juice” and subtract the hour in the morning that Ice Cube got Fatburger in “It Was a Good Day.” Multiply this by the hour that Jay Z goes to the club in “Do It Again,” and subtract the hour that Biggie’s pager goes off in “Warning.” (10 points)

6 – 2 = 4 times 12 = 48 – 5:46 = 43 or 42:14 (I accepted both)

8. The Obligatory Cosby Show question.


What occasion is Vanessa dressed for in this photo? (5 points) – Halloween


What is the name of the pet in this photo? (5 points) –  Lamont


What brand of shirt did Theo want in this episode? (5 points) – Gordon Gartrelle!

9. Connections. What do these three actors have in common? (Joe Morton, Mario Van Peebles, James Earl Jones) (15 points)


The real 100% correct answer is that all three of them played Malcolm X in movies about Muhammed Ali, which no one but Monica really got and that was after some prodding. Since most people’s instinct is to just answer straight up I let those who only gave partial answers know that something was missing, and gave partial credit for other answers that were just as complex but also factually true.

10. Clear That Sample. Name the hip-hop song that sampled this track. (15 points)

This is “Petite Fleur,” by Chris Barber, also known as “Phone Tap” by The Firm. Check out the 1997 video below:

BONUS READER APPRECIATION QUESTION: A romantic encounter made me question whether black love was dead. Why was this encounter so terrible? (10 points)

For personal reasons I made this post private, but many of your remembered the “Woman to Woman” incident from this summer where this guy’s girlfriend called me, told me all of their business, and then when the dude was clearly caught he asked to be put on my blog.


  • DVE said:

    Had a great time, next time I will be there in the beginning.

  • joy said:


  • Tafari said:

    Thembi, this was a great contest & one that made you think. Although I was a total loser with probably 2 points give or take 1, I enjoyed guessing.


  • ☆ Lola A♏ ★ said:

    Rolly!!! I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me! I had no idea he was a singer and composer. I always struggle with the samples and commonality questions. It was fun, but very thought provoking! LOL

  • gradmommy said:

    For the record, I also got #9 correct, after prodding of course!

  • lola gets said:

    I had fun too, but not as much fun as my coworkers! Honestly, I just dont know that much about Black pop culture, but I still feel ok about myself, lol.


  • Monica said:

    Dude, this was such a fun quiz. Thanks for the chance to flex the pop culture chops :)

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