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Old School Fridays: Child Singers

13 March 2009 2 Comments

I’m still sorting out my feelings towards Maurice Starr and everything he’s done for/to the careers of New Edition and New Kids on The Block by making use of classic boy band chemistry, catchy hooks, and of course, the intriguing word “new.” In fact, while researching this post I stumbled upon album cover art that expresses my feelings pretty accurately.


I only posted that ‘cuz I could.

Anwyay, do you remember, Perfect Gentlemen, the group that he was promoting around the time NKOTB’s “Step By Step,” came out? The trio, which included Starr’s son Maurice Jr., only hit the charts once with 1990’s “Ooh La La (I Can’t Get Over You).” I couldn’t remember more than the chorus until I watched the entire video.

He’s not a singer but I’ve always been fascinated by Shyhiem. He’s one of those kids who I swore up and down was younger than I was at the time (because I always thought I was grown and he was so short), but now that I look into things dude is turning 32 this year. He was only 15 and down with Wu-Tang back in ’94 when his biggest single, “On and On,” made him famous. Since then he’s quietly released a few more albums, beefed with Raekwon, and done some jail time. It’s a shame, he was so cute as the lil’ neighbor on Parent’hood for those few episodes!

Speaking of jail time, I have to bring up Chi-Ali. Black Sheep’s 1991 album A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing pretty much created my love for hip-hop, and I first heard Chi-Ali on what I consider one of the most underrated posse cuts ever, “Pass The 40.” Later that year the single “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A #” made its rounds, and Chi’s gimmicky album The Fabulous Chi Ali, which I did in fact own, dropped the following year. The ‘where are they now?’ on Chi is so very sad – he’s turning 33 this year and is serving a 12-14 year sentence for murder. He was interviewed from prison a few weeks ago, which you can listen to right here.  Otherwise, check out “Age Aint Nothin’ But A #.”

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  • sHaE-sHaE said:

    That’s a good look with Perfect Gentleman. Maurice Starr had the Midas touch for a while. If he wasn’t such a jerk he may have gone places (well, more places lol).

    I didn’t know Chi Ali was serving 12 – 14! That’s messed up. I still have his old CD.

  • Monica said:

    oh thembi… i used to be so jealous of chi-ali. he was around my age and got to be in native tongues and i didn’t. (plus he was cute!) i owned that album too. “roadrunner” was the most ridiculous and hilarious mess ever. i was JUST watching perfect gentlemen videos last week. how the hell do i remember all those lyrics? me and my sister hated relentlessly on them. fades and hi tops didn’t work on just everyone. good lord.

    ps i will give you a dollar if you can find the video for “somethin 4 da youngstas”. a whole figurative dollar 😉

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