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“What The Eff?” Wednesday?: La’Domour

25 March 2009 16 Comments

Ive been a blogger for going on two years now and there is one thing I’ve still yet to grasp – how is it that videos become viral on these internets and why? Today I’ve spotted this video through two separate websites and I don’t think either post did the wonder that is La’Domour justice.


Resist the temptation to just close your browser and hear me out for a few moments. Can anyone tell me if there’s ever been a more doomed intro to an artists bio, even on Myspace?

La’Domour, aka Myron Thurmond, a native of Detroit Michigan . . .

Why do black folks always have to French-ify names? To make them sound sexy or exotic (or, most likely, like something we have no business messing with)? I hate to break it to Myron but there is no such French word structure as “La’Domour” and as an unjustifiably francophilic black person I am so put out by what seems to be Myron’s misunderstanding that “Domour” means something. So then I mosied on over to BlackPlanet, where I discovered his username is “loveyougood6969.” That made me hit the back button and start reading his bio again:

La’Domour is the founder of alternative R&B, which consists of smooth funk, R&B, rock and sexual jazz . . .

Ok, I’m not here to knock anyone’s hustle (at least not directly), but I take my role as a critic rather seriously, in fact with the same level of seriousness that La’Domour takes his chest hair, cowrie shell necklace, slickback, and music. So what about this music?

I guess that settles it – I’ve certainly never heard anything quite like it but I wouldn’t use the word “founder,” for his discovery of a set of discordant sounds that he has the gall to fancy a chorus. I hope you made it to the part where he’s on the beach in an all white, flowing ensemble with his shirt unbuttoned, because that is obviously the best recurring image that he could have chosen to give us over and over and over again. You also may have noticed that his slickback is more than a mere conk, he actually has a long tantalizing braid down his back that he can’t help but repeatedly caress. That thing is so tight and under control it’s like a cat o’ nine tails! Somebody call the folks at Murray’s and let them know there is a new pomade king in town!

For more really confusing music and styling choices, visit his Myspace page. I’m done.


  • Dara said:

    that’s MY cowrie shell necklace..from 1996. i cant claim that goatee or those chest flurries though…

  • Bree said:

    ROTFL at the whole post! He really thought he was doing something.
    Going to his My space page would’ve been too much for me today!

    *DEAD* at “long tantalizing braid”

    BTW, love your site, Thembi!

  • Treina said:

    Bless him. [She says while shaking her head.] He’s trying hard, poor baby.

    Your post was enough to keep me from actually playing that video clip, though…will take your word for it.

  • Tha Connoisseur said:

    I was D-E-A-D at the Blackplanet name. I am not able.

    And as a born and raised francophone (born and raised in Montreal), I can tell him just where to put that french bullishery of a name. Sweet minty Jesus, stop the madness!

  • Tafari said:

    Ok, this fucked me up & I’m not shocked that he is from Detroit. We have a lot of fools running around thinking that they are hotter than sauce.

    The damn pony tail is is courtesy of Let’s JAM Shining & Conditioning Gel.

    All that 696969, I guess he likes to lick it!


  • LaJane Galt said:

    what’s with the slant on his head???

    Damn Microsoft for Windows movie maker.

  • wtf « PostBourgie said:

    […] h/t Thembi. […]

  • nessaroche said:

    Thembi, I get so mad at you sometimes for bringing stuff like this to my attention.

  • bklyn6 said:

    5:23 of my life that I never get back. *fail* Thanks! LOL

    I’ll bet stripping is his side hustle.

  • Lawegohard said:

    Hey Bklyn6, I recognize you from UBM’s site.

    Ok, I’m new to this blog so let me be polite. I read the rules.

    Singing: “After all the gel has been washed out and you open up
    the center of that pony fail, you will see a bald spot.”

    Ok, and that hair grew from doing a little prison time, by the
    looks of it, I guess a decade.

    This is officially the oldest Brother in the club!

  • bumpster said:

    I am not very hip to sarcasm. Is this video a parody or is this guy serious?

  • kellybelle said:

    Just laughing. Just shaking my head and laughing.

  • siditty said:

    He is proud of that hair. How many times will he rub his hand over his head.

  • caramyl said:

    First of all i think its amazing that u wrote in red letters not to tell you about yourself, but you can bash others so bad. Who cares what someones style is, at least the brother is trying. We are so quick to put others down as a people, but whats new! They talked about Barack Obama, and even Jesus Christ, so maybe this is what people who try need, to prove to the world what they r made of. No comment was even made about the fact that he is trying to do something positive. Who gives a shit about his style? Come on people don’t hate. Remember others are judging you the same way too!

  • Bo Bliz said:

    yo that guys part is so next level

  • professor jawn said:

    okay, i had to stop at “sexual jazz”! it had me spitting out my tea in this late night library session.

    sexual jazz + alopecia attacks a washed up pimp + delusions of grandeur (founder?!!?) = a laughter induced second wind.

    i gotta say that i was not aware of the true value-added nature of wwtd – between this and chris brown’s tie, you are changing my life girl…

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