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I Have Had It With Popeye’s.

24 April 2009 15 Comments

Fracas Over Popeye’s Fried Chicken Price

MINNEAPOLIS – Hundreds of customers were angry to find the Popeye’s on Lake Street in Minneapolis was not offering a national promotion. For Earth Day, Popeye’s was offering eight fried chicken pieces for $4.99 — a special well-advertised on TV in Minneapolis.

But homemade signs on the door at the Popeye’s on Lake Street said it wasn’t honoring the nationally advertised special. Instead, they were offering nine pieces for $9.99. The line for Popeye’s was out the door Wednesday afternoon and early evening. A half-dozen Minneapolis police officer showed up to settle the crowd down.

The Lake Street Popeye’s is the only Popeye’s in the state of Minnesota. Customers said it’s not the first time the franchise has refused to honor a nationally advertised special.

h/t Aliya S. King

Thembi Says: Lookyhere, I told you Negroes NOT to go to Popeye’s because of that whole Annie The Chicken Queen nonsense. Is cheap fried chicken so hard to resist that we should be putting aside our pride and patronizing an establishment that is so comfortable using blatant stereotypes in its advertising? Ok, even if you didn’t get the memo, what in the name of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt has you poppin’ off riots over a $4 savings on some chicken? Are y’all for real? I’m mad at the woman in the video who proudly declared that they’d go to KFC instead, and even madder at the brother who took a cab from another town just to get it in on some Popeye’s. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! And not so fast, white establishment, because I’m mad at you too. I don’t know if the reporting on this story is blatantly trying to capture black fried chicken frenzy or what, but I did a little research and Minneapolis ain’t but 17% percent black, so whycome everyone in the news report is black except for that lone white meth head in the wife beater who clearly has nothing better to do than stand there and complain alongside all them colored folk? Is it just me or did the reporter watch the movie Milk one too many times? He’s egging everyone on as if he’s about to hop on a soapbox and lead the movement for accurately advertised chicken. And Popeye’s I could never forget you: what kind of malarkey is an Earth Day chicken promotion? There are dozens of reasons to put on a sale but frying up meat when eating less helps to save energy, all the while doling it out with plastic bags and cutlery is the exact opposite of Earth friendly behavior.

On another note, check out this news item from Rochester, New York. I’m suspicious about the reporting in this one because in this case there are just too many black people getting camera time for it to be realistic!

I can’t believe I am a grown black woman living in the age of Obama and I have to deal with news items like these.


  • ASmith said:

    “I can’t believe I am a grown black woman living in the age of Obama and I have to deal with news items like these.” (PLEASE know that I will be using this phrasing henceforth for everything that goes awry).

    A friend of mine lives in Minneapolis. I’m gonna have to call her and ask her about this. Looks like EVERY black person in the city was there… a damn shame. No wonder they weren’t honoring the national advertisement, the right population ain’t high enough.

  • aliya said:

    These stories hurt my feelings. Why didn’t they just have a watermelon-eating contest in the parking lot while they were at it?

  • Woe said:

    I’m sorry Thembi, but I had to go get my 3 8pc boxes from my local hood Popeye’s. Times are hard, and the chicken was cheap, what else can I say…I waited 43 minutes for my order and I thought that was something, but what went on in Minneapolis was ridiculous. I’m thinking the owners of that franchise tried to play it slick. Being the only franchisee in the entire state, they’d hope to have everybody come down, thinking they’re gonna get up on a cheap box of chicken, and after realizing that that’s not happening, yet still salivating so much from the aroma of all that golden fried goodness, they wouldn’t leave empty handed…

  • Tafari said:

    You know that 8 piece had me tripping out the other day & how people were talking about it had me just stupefied.

    I mean I like me some chicken but I know enough to realize when Im being made to be the fool.

    1st of all, if this was for Earth Day it was a social & political fail. All that oil frying, all the electricity & other utilities being burned. People sitting up in their cars for who knows how long waiting etc.

    The while premise is just bewildering & pisses me off.

    And further, I cannot beleive this shit made news in 2 areas. Man they had niggas on full mutha fucking blast!!!

    Anyway, this post is one reason I love you boo!!!


  • MsLindiwe said:

    Dammit, Thembi. I think this fulfills the blog’s old promise of serving up coonery. I MEAN; the worst part for me is the guy toward the end of the clip who sheepishly admits that he bought some chicken anyhow. That effing FOX reporter is like “Ha, they got you buyin’ chicken anyway, huh?” WTF!? Why didn’t he just call him Rastus while he was at it???? This shyt is sending my blood pressure up higher than even eating some Popeye’s would have.

  • MsLindiwe said:

    And…these stories could have been a lot different. The Rochester coverage hit on it, if only with a side glance–duh, we’re in a Depression. A bunch of those people were talking about needing to feed their kids. If this had been a story about a bunch of white people making a run on a Burger King, the economic implications might have gotten more play, as opposed to “haw haw, the Nigras love that Chicken from Popeye’s.”

    I know I’ve hit my response limit, so I’m going to go eat some tofu now.

  • Missy said:

    Only 17%…darn sure looks like all of them were at Popeyes! LMBO @ the sole whit meth head. Get in where you fit in I guess **shrug**

  • don fela said:

    wow. i can understand the whole recession thing. but the main thing that upset me was how blacks fell into the same ol “nothing but a consumer” thing. when you show up to a fast food chicken restaurant and act like them not having chicken is a failure of their civic duty… that lady was acting like the mail stopped running on mother’s day. i mean really, if you are LATE to get fried chicken, during a fried chicken special, you need to get your stereotypical priorities straight. your giving rush limbaugh and company the amo to sit back and say something involving black’s inability to at the very least be able to sustain a viable amount of fried chicken for their children… this long after their emancipation.

  • Thembi (author) said:

    @don fela
    “You need to get your stereotypical priorities straight.”
    BRAVO lil bro!

  • Hey Now said:

    I went to the Popeyes in San Diego and there was every race standing in line for the $4.99 chicken deal. Is there any other race besides African-American in Minnesota that wanted chicken??

  • LaJane Galt said:

    See… Pollo Campero would not do this.

    Why can’t we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and fry our own damn chicken like we used to do in the good old days of Negro-La?

    Why are we still stupid enough to acknowledge the camera.

    As great-grandad allegedly said: Nu99as & flies* I do despise!!!

    *Popeyes on Lee St. ATL

  • Bo Bliz said:

    “they should have had a tractor trailer out back with extra chicken on ice”. is that realistic? this is a mess.

  • Bo Bliz said:

    i think this is what people call “first world problems”

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Hahahaha this was FABULOUS. I’m dying. I mean…I’m ashamed…but I’m laughing too hard at the FULL-on ridiculousness of this entire business to get worked up.

  • Janet said:

    I love these old posts. And it seems that even the news anchors felt bad at this tragic moment.

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