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Meth Will MESS You Up.

2 June 2009 One Comment

Man Shocked While Stealing Electricity, Police Say


BRANCH, Ark. — A neighbor who lives along South Hopkins Road in Branch called 911 Friday night when a man fell from a power pole near her home. Franklin County deputies said Roy Achterberg may have been trying to steal electricity from the power pole to run to his nearby home.

Achterberg placed a metal ladder on the pole and tried to siphon the electricity with jumper cables. Achterberg was electrocuted and fell to the ground. Family members said he broke his back, neck, pelvis and his organs were hardened from the electricity, leaving him in critical condition.

While deputies were investigating the theft of electricity, they found a meth lab in Achterberg’s home. The fifth judicial Drug Task Force cleaned up the chemcials.

Deputies said if Achterberg is released from the hospital he will be charged with theft of services and running a meth lab.

Thembi Says: It’s been a long time since I read a news item that made me go “oh no!” so consistently. For real, read it again and try to find one un-WTF-worthy sentence in the whole ordeal. Hardened organs? I dont even know what that really means or what the treatment could possibly be for that. Why would you use a metal ladder to steal electricity? How much electricity could it possibly take to run a meth lab that you’d need to steal it, anyway? Why would the police bother charging him with anything if he makes it through having broken like every bone in his body and having hard organs (still ??? about what that means)? That whole case sounds like a big waste of time. There is nothing ok about any of this!

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