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Monday Afternoon Bonbon

1 June 2009 11 Comments

The only way for me to get back into the blogging saddle after my much-needed hiatus is with some white people dancing tastiness. Yummmmm!

Posters usually edit this kind of video by overlaying a different track with better sound quality, but thank god whoever blessed us with the wonder that is the impromptu spastic move bustin’ left the original audio intact – it just makes everything so much mo’ special. This video is from last weekend’s Sasquatch 2009 festival in San Francisco. The best way to watch it is to lean back in your chair with your arms crossed, furrow your brow and purse your lips, and just stare. Try to figure out any and all aspects of what all is going on and why while trying not to laugh. Look at it as a Magic Eye picture or one of those Highlights magazine “can you spot the difference between these two pictures,” thingies and allow your heart to be warmed. Do your best and help me understand in the comments.


  • ASmith said:

    Yea.. no… I got nothing

    I’m done trying to understand what the white poeple must be thinking when they do this.

    Having said that, though, I totally respect a guy who will make a total fool of himself in the name of having a good time… all those people who took off running for the crowd SUCK for having spent any time judging him, only to give into the fun a few moments later.

  • Sabrina said:

    Welcome back Thembi! That said….WTF? It’s like the guy multiplied…

  • DVE said:

    I guess he thinks that he is Unstoppable like Santigold.

  • SJ said:

    you should see the burning man crowd. that’s just san francisco for you!

  • Monday Afternoon Bonbon What Would Thembi Do | adirondack chairs said:

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  • jazzfan360 said:


  • Zuri said:

    Wow. Well, at least they look like they’re having fun. Still deliciously hilarious though.

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