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Old School Friday: My Current Mood Is…

5 June 2009 No Comment

Every summer I pick a few jams and make them my theme songs and the older the get the more explaining I have to do about why on Earth I feel the need to do so. It’s one of those oldhead things that makes me realize that I just get stranger and stranger as I age, and part of that is reflected in the need to play music that makes me feel pumped and ready for the world and I don’t mean no Sounds of Blackness. Think “Eye of The Tiger,” but for a thirty-year old black girl from Philly. Today is one of those days that I need a little extra boost so here we go…

“Doo Doo Brown,” by 2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog never gets old to me and is my summer anthem every year. I can’t put my figure on why but when I play it loudly enough I feel like I’m in some Baltimore club circa 1992, which is more of a fantasy than a memory considering I was a tween at the time. There’s also a remix somewhere out there with a female singing a breakdown towards the end that I’ve been half-heartedly trying to track down, do you remember that version? This is my first time seeing the video and um…it’s interesting. Let’s just say someone is wearing mustard yellow from head to toe and I’m pretty sure they did paper bag tests on all of the chicks in the video.

Why is my ringtone “#1 Stunna,” by the Big Tymers? I had a serious East Coaster resistance to all things Cash Money back in 2000 when this song was on the Original Kings of Comedy soundtrack but today every other lyric sounds like something I should be repeating over and over again to pump myself up. When I put my windows all the way down and play this joint as loud as possible my cornball Camry feels like a ride to stunt in and I have been enjoying blurting out lyrics like “I’m a hard-stuntin’ nigga like Evil Knievel!” just because they’re so random and nihilistic yet delusionally self-aggrandizing. Love it!

I always have to have a tough female anthem because otherwise the misogyny thing starts to feel less silly and more real. Oaktown 357’s “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” from 1989 fits the bill perfectly and watching the video from time to time doesn’t hurt either. My favorite part is “I’m goin’ to the top and to the top I go/ I don’t need perpetrators to give me blow.” Hee hee perpetrators, I am totally bringing that word back this summer!

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