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KGB “Weave” Commercial: Offensive or Corny (Poll)?

23 July 2009 17 Comments

I can barely tell if this is a Public Service Announcement or a commercial, but it definitely rubs me the wrong way. Funny or foul?

I find the eye-bugging, neck-rolling, finger-waving black woman thing (halfway through having a weave sewn-in, no less) extremely tired, but there’s something else bugging me about this commercial and I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s yet again seeing black folks in barber/beauty shops like we don’t go anywhere else? On the other hand, good comedy does poke fun at stereotypes, right? And here are two nice looking brown young actors getting at least some kind of camera time . . . albeit doing a fair amount of coonin’. Meanwhile, when it comes to weaves, their wearers either already know or simply don’t care what the hair is made from, just that it has the proper texture and color…did KGB do their research? By claiming that ‘natural’ extensions come from yak hair (which they don’t necessarily) and making sure there are audible buzzing flies in the background, is KGB trying to milk the hair weave joke for all its worth? I’m just in a bit of a kerfuffle over the whole thing.

Is this commercial just a cheap laugh or a serious bunch of mess? Vote and/or comment!

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  • Malcolm said:

    The “sassy black woman” routine is more worn out than a James Brown 45. I think that “Hollywood Shuffle” should be required viewing for anyone in the film industry.

  • Mr. Smart Guy said:

    Wasn’t super offended but i could see how you could be…

  • MzVirgo said:

    I don’t think this commercial was even necessary. Are we still making jokes about where the weaves come from though (horses, etc.)? Now all that neck rolling, etc., I can do without that too. Everyone is wearing hair extensions these days, not just black women.

  • slb79 said:

    i voted, “i only chuckled a little bit but i wasn’t offended either.” it has offensive properties. but oddly, b/c i totally google curious/suspicious/random things i hear when i’m out & about w/my blackberry, i kind of related to it? in a strange (possibly offensive) way, this commercial promotes being an informed consumer. :-/

  • Corporate AfroPuff said:

    The commercial is just stupid. First of all, who the hell DOESN’T know the different types of weave available? When I walk into the beauty salon I BRING my hair, so who are these novice and virgin weave getters who don’t know the difference between synthetic, natural, and human, who wouldn’t ask when they saw the different prices too, they are very different prices?? omg, that’s like Black Hair 101, and these ladies are like over 35, so they have to have graduated out by now. So, the commercial should really feature some ignorant non-Black women who are not in the beauty salon getting their centennial hair weave watching some beautiful weaves walk by and wondering why their weaves look like Paris Hilton’s and not like Kelly Rowland’s. So, because of that, it’s offensive, because there is no basis for the coonery, its coonery for coonery’s sake, so everybody can have a joke at the expense of the black female caricature…..again…….not funny and not smart.

  • Dara said:

    im still squinting at the screen, trying to figure out what i just watched. this commercial was so obviously created by white people that i can barely muster up an opinion. who in the world doesn’t know where their weave hair comes from, and for that matter, who the hell cares all like that? and why wouldn’t ole girl getting her hair done just turn around and ask her stylist? AND since when do black women need the white weave police to venture out to some yak farm to do some investigating? its just a bad commercial all around and i hope i dont ever actually see it on tv…

  • Dara said:

    P.S. white women get weaves these days too. why come it couldn’t have been a white lady asking where her hair came from? it would’ve been more realistic and maybe we’d be one step closer to LETTING GO of the sassy black woman image!…seriously, its so played.

  • Alex said:

    Didn’t find that ad funny at all! I actually found it offensive and racist as an African-American woman. It depicted us in a negative manner. African American women are not the only women in the 21st century who wear hair extensions and I thought everyone knew that! Come on…Black women in the beauty salon and Caucasian people finding the answer to the question.

  • ceplh said:

    dara the difference between white women and black women getting weaves are that the weave for white women is their own hait texture whereas black woman use caucasiod/ mongloid hair.

    i wish black women would let the weave go but as soon same some black girls are un beweaveable and self hating

  • Breeze said:

    Not all black women have worn, or ever will have any interest in wearing a weave either. We are all individuals and they just lump into to a neck rolling, bottom shaking, loud mouthed, category. This is almost as bad as the commercial where this guy is on a bus and tells a young black woman to get up and shake her junk–not funny.

  • Babs said:

    I’m thinking that part of the problem lies with the fact that it’s white folks (at the yak farm) who are presented as the voice of knowledge and reason. It’s as if the white folks are educated and knowledegable while the “sassy” black gals in the barbershop are not.

    I think it would be interesting to see the tables turned. Let’s have some smart well educated black college professor types giving advice to some rednecks.

  • LJS said:

    As a white girl who is mystified by the black girl hair thing (I am always asking my black GFs the most ridiculous questions- MY BAD- just wanna know, yo!), that is just STUPID. Not even funny corny, just stupid. However, I did get my Google on after watching it. HA!

  • Jess said:

    I emailed a complaint. This is really offensive

  • DJStylus said:

    You left off an option:

    “Comedy fail.”

    It’s just not funny. Poorly executed.

  • Tafari said:

    I thought it was funny as hell! Where does that shit come from? Cant all be from India.

  • siditty said:

    I would be one of those who really don’t know where weave comes from. I am 33 and have never worn a weave. I’ve had perm, but never a weave. I don’t know what weave is made out of, but I assume unless it says human, natural means it comes from some type of animal. Even if it comes from yak, I am sure there are not flies all around the hair by the time it gets to the salon. I am sure it is cleaned and processed and safe to put on your head. I just don’t get why the woman had to pull a neck rolling finger waving attitude towards the end.

    I’m tired of black women being the brunt of jokes and everyone else thinking it is cute or funny when black women are stereotyped and generalized as nothing but angry and full of attitude.

  • JustBrowsing said:

    NONE OF THE ABOVE. This video was OBVIOUSLY created by someone who’s trying to let people know that “Yak” hair is not human hair, even though it’s sold as such. The video also shows how people have an “attitude” even when they are OBVIOUSLY in error.

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