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Why, MySpace? Why?

14 August 2009 9 Comments

I don’t really use Myspace anymore. I still maintain a profile and log on once in a blue moon and every single time I’m greeted by friend requests from the likes of …


I know exactly what happened here. My name is from Southern Africa so people do certain searches and think that my existence is relevant to theirs, which is just fine. I’m globally inclined enough to appreciate a Zooloo warrior from South Africa who spells stuff crazy to demonstrate how cool and ‘hip-hopin’ he is just as much as I do when a Gangsta from the Southside of Chicago does the same. After all, I feel comfortable assuming that funky misspellings for the sake of coolness was pioneered by Americans, so I only have us to blame. A MySpace rapper is a MySpace rapper, and he made it clear in his message, which read, “just dropd by to show u some Warrior luvn,” that he’s a goodhearted man. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he’s wearing a dead chipmunk or deer asshat or whatever that is, which clearly has a tail, on his head. Because really, how many times have YOU had real chipmunk catching the sweat from your forehead? I bet not many. That’s what makes him The Realest Kleva, and it iz what it iz.


  • Naturally Alise said:

    He is killing me with the “Realest Kleva”, where do they do that at? lol

  • [fung'ke][blak][chik] said:

    RIP Alvin.

  • Cloud 5 said:

    I usually read your blog over lunch and let’s just say that the term “deer asshat” made me laugh so hard that I spewed the water in my mouth all over my keyboard. Well, at least it didn’t have actual food in my mouth at that very moment. Damn you Thembi for just being pure hilarity!

  • LaJane Galt said:

    The fact that he’s got that think cocked to the side a la Adebisi is killing me.

  • lola gets said:

    You know theres a South African blogger – Nappy Headed Pro – who once asked a question of you on my blog. I dont know if youve read him before, but you can find him on my and UBMs blogrolls.


  • Treina said:

    It iz what it iz indeed. lol!

  • Janet said:

    I had to take a really good look cuz I honestly thought that was a piece of dookie lit on fire.

  • Seattle Slim said:

    *reads “deer asshat”*

  • superwoman said:

    hello, hello!! just discovered your site off of luvvies – loving it!!! i am so killed a the ‘realest kleva’ – i am southern african myself, but even i am like ‘err, okaaaayy…’ at his myspace page and the ‘real zooloo’ stuff. very… special.

    the thingie on his head is made out of cowhide – a traditional zulu warriors headdress – (we don’t have chipmunks or deer, ha ha ha!!) just antelopes and stuff…. and as for the ‘kleva’ – it’s hard to describe in english…. sort of like a hustler, someone with street smarts. derived from the english ‘clever’, you see?

    well, thanks for all the great writing, look forward to more of your posts now that i’ve discovered the site.


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