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Hit Upside The Head With A Frying Pan. Real Talk.

11 September 2009 7 Comments


Wife charged with assaulting husband freed on bond

A 71-year-old Enfield woman accused of beating her husband with a frying pan has been released from jail.

Rosie Lewis was freed from Halifax County Jail on a $2,500 unsecured bond, Halifax County officials said.

“Forty-eight hours (incarceration) is a general rule for any domestic violence charge,” said Lt. Bobby Martin of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office. “I imagine she was released on an unsecured bond because of her age and health.”

Original reports that Lewis would be held until her first court appearance due a state law intended to protect victims of domestic abuse from further violence were incorrect.

Lewis was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury Aug. 14 after an argument over breakfast with her 85-year-old husband, James Lewis, turned violent.

Halifax County deputies said the dispute began after James Lewis complained about the meal prepared by Rosie Lewis. As Rosie Lewis worked to prepare a second breakfast, authorities said, the couple continued to bicker. The fight escalated when James Lewis allegedly drew back his cane to hit his wife.

“Mrs. Lewis, at this point, picked up an iron frying pan and hit Mr. Lewis on the head several times, knocking him to the floor and causing a head injury,” Lt. Stevie Salmon said.

James Lewis received 50 stitches before being released from Halifax Regional Medical Center, officials said.

Rosie Lewis’ first court appearance is set for Aug. 26.

Thembi Says: Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about whether marriage is really such a great idea. I mean, you spend your entire life with the same person, forced into this unnatural monogamy, looking at the same tired face and dealing with the same tired habits, fulfilling the same wack wifely duties and all of that stuff. Before you know it this fool is mad about what you made for breakfast, he comes at you with a cane, and  you’re beating a nigga over the head with a frying pan? Maybe their relationship has been abusive for decades, who knows, but Ms. Rosie does not play – she could have killed that old man! I’d also like to add that the frying pan beatdown is a classic move that deserves its own slot in the “Cliche’s About Black Relationships Gone Terribly Wrong” Hall of Fame.


  • Kyle said:

    I suppose monogamy is “unnatural” in the sense that wearing clothes, building houses, growing food, and not killing each other are unnatural: they’re artifacts of civilization, and are different from how we lived 100,000 years ago. Still, just being unnatural doesn’t make it undesirable.

    Also, someone should introduce this lady and the I-want-bacon kid.

  • Cille said:

    That frying pan shut James the hell up I betcha and he will eat that farina will gusto from here on out

  • Nona said:

    That reminds me of a scene in Six Feet Under, where a woman inexpicably bangs her husband in the head frying pan-style and kills him. When questioned by the police, all she said was that he was “boring.” Ouch.

  • aj said:

    James should have learned by now to STFU about what is being cooked. She was nice enough to cook ANOTHER meal when he complained about the first one and then raised his cane to strike her – hell no. I had a cousin who once hit her husband in the head with a vodka bottle during an argument.

  • Rashida said:

    Miss Rosie ain’t putting up with you no more, you old bully-ass cane waving coot
    Go head, Miss Rosie

  • ntngale said:

    you want eggs with that?

  • JD said:

    This has probably coming for awhile. He has probably abused her throughout the whole marriage & she just got fed up. You go Ms. Rosie, enough is enough!!!

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