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Latoya Jackson Pays Tribute To Michael

2 September 2009 9 Comments

Latoya Jackson has always been, and will always be, one of the loopiest women to walk the Earth. She is part of the Jackson family after all, so craziness is her birthright, but she consistently redefines crazy with her own brand of low self-esteem and color issues, nutty declarations and press releases, and of course, the delusions of grandeur that must be necessary for her to have released TEN studio albums. The latest bead in this devil’s rosary – “Home,” a song paying tribute to Michael Jackson with proceeds going to his favorite charity. I know the woman is grieving and all, but this is just…well…watch for yourself and let’s discuss.

First of all, since when was Latoya biracial as a child? Her hair never did and never will look like that, so why are we being subjected to her octoroon fantasies? This must be her fantasyland because there were no such rolling meadows or treehouses in Gary, Indiana. Speaking of that treehouse, why must she pop her little head through the bottom of it like that (2:06) and is that her poetry/journal/song book that she’s leafing through wistfully at 2:48? I want to chalk these bad artistic decisions up to her grief but aside from never having made any good artistic decisions, this mess has nothing to do with Michael. Where is the little biracial boy playing Michael, hunh? Where? The least they could have done is splice in a photo montage or something. Meanwhile, the song itself isn’t too bad, but unfortunately the lyrics demonstrate her delusions – “Parted by the fame we grew to only know.” WE? What do you mean “we,” paleface? And yes I do notice the ridiculous lighting meant to camouflage her aging plastic-y face that makes her look 3 shades lighter. When discussing this with a friend of mine he suggested that CNN do a version of Black In America just looking at Latoya and using her existence to explain the ill-effects that slavery and Jim Crow continue to have on black folks. I agree – much like it took a Kennedy to create The Special Olympics, only a Jackson can show them. And as always her singing voice sounds like air leaking out of a Whoopie Cushion. Latoya, boo, you don’t have musical (or dance) talent. I know its a hard pill to swallow but please accept it and stop trying to revive your sad little career using your brother’s memory and butchered versions of his dance moves from the waist up like that! I am just so disgusted.


  • Claire said:


  • Jackie said:

    I have to admit…… I kinda’ like this song, though I agree Toy Toy has no musical or dance talent of which to speak. In all fairness to her though, she wanted to be a corporate lawyer instead of a singer, but her father forced her to go into entertainment with the rest of her siblings. I’d hate to think that the Jacksons are exploiting Michael’s death as a way to resurrect their careers, but considering some of their antics lately (i.e. giving revealing interviews to tabloid magazines for money), I kind of have my doubts about them. It would have been nice if the video had more MJ reflections, but I give Toy Toy props for donating the profits from this joint to MJ’s charity.

  • Rick said:

    Latoya is his sister and has a right to capitalize if she wants to. After all the lawyers, music business sharks, media, fans, and yes ONLINE journalists like the one here, have milked the Jacksons for their own ends for years. More important however is that the proceeds are going to MIKE’s favorite charity, and she is drawing attention to the fact that he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for Charity work. She is making sure her brother isn’t remembered as “Wacko Jacko” and should be applauded for that. It’s ashamed so many people are bitter, cynical, and judgemental. Someday those same haters will be on the judgement block. I hope their lives are as perfect as they expect Latoya’s to be. With regards to her talent, most people who comment on it haven’t even heard the bulk of her catalogue. People seem proud to spew opinions on which they know nothing about. With artists like Janet sounding like Minnie Mouse on helium and Brittany sounding like Kermit the frog setting the standard in the music industry, Latoya is far from “talentless:.

  • Cloud 5 said:

    This is a little sad, but mostly hilarious. Since Mike died I’ve been wanting for nothing else but for Joe Jackson to just stop it… and now I kinda feel the same about Latoya. To Latoya’s defense though, I guess she is not ‘just’ trying to revive her career in the ‘opportune’ moment following her brother’s death, but she is trying to do something nice by donating the proceeds (if that is actually going to happen… I doubt she will make money with this song). For her I will say “It is the thought that count.” As for Joe Jackson, I wish he would only come back on TV when he is able to speak some English I can actually understand.

    Lastly… Rick: Don’t get your panties in a twist. This commentary on Latoya does not really seem like an opinion to me, but mere facts. If you can’t take the truth I suggest you stay of the internet. Boo to you!

  • Ms. Debi~ said:

    LOL @ Rick-po thang. What planet you live on where ‘Latex Latoya’ is NOT talentless (in the real world she IS-WIHOUT talent, that is!)?

    She just like her brother Jermaine and her father-trying to capitalize on her brothers death. I doubt Latoya even spoke with him much in the last year…

    And Thembi- that light aint did nothin to hide the latex…she looks like old tuppeware in this vid…jmo*

  • alrivs said:

    I made it to 14 seconds.

  • dina said:

    latoya was so important to the world shout out to jackson family I love mj.jackson mj.site I enjoy his site very much haters fall back… my daughter brithday is april 4 she loved mj.jackson for his music… love forever tinaro53 we love for you keeping mj.jackson alive…. you & * your family is lovly greet things u done we will keep mj.jackson mjsite pouring out love- peace on earth….. with love don’t forget we will always keep in mj.jackson in our heart….. keep our babies safe…..*

  • JustBrowsing said:

    Me likes.

  • BlingThing said:

    Although I was too late to see the clip, it has been removed from You Tube and good riddance. I still need to say…is this the same LaToya Jackson who stood in front of a camera for the whole world to see and hear her dis her little brother when the child molestation charges came out. I don’t remember the exact words so I won’t quote, but it was something like… There is no reason for a 32 year old man to be having little children always sleeping over in the bed with him. As I said, these are not the exact words, cause after that all I can remember is being STEAMING, HOT FIRE SHOOTING OUT OF MY EYES MAD AT HER FOR NOT STICKING BY HER BLOOD BROTHER! At least in the public eye.

    I don’t know if Michael or the family ever forgave her for this, but I myself do not want to hear ANYTHING LaToya has to say, attempt to sing or attempt to act. I was through with her from that point on!!! She was trying to draw attention to herself then at the expense of Michael, and she is doing the same thing now.

    Thanks Thembi I have been wanting to say that in a public forum for years… whoo, sweet release :-)

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