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H-Town and Jodeci Are Back…Sort Of.

26 October 2009 10 Comments

I don’t know who all has been anticipating H-Town’s comeback, especially since lead singer Dino died tragically in 2003. Oh, and that when Dino passed, H-Town was actually about to release their FOURTH album since their 1993 debut Fever For Da Flavor (yes, that is the one that had the ever-embarrassing “Knockin’ Da Boots,” on it). Since I don’t remember being excited about albums number two or three, I have to assume that H-Town still has a sturdy fan base that’s waiting to hear some fresh new love-makin’ music from the Houston Boys. But someone decided it would be a good idea to throw Jodeci into the mix. The same person must have been responsible for a steady supply of quick conk kits, Visine, and prescription pills on the video shoot set. Just take a look…H-Town’s new single “Knockin Your Heels,” from their upcoming album Child Support. Whatever you do, DO NOT let the video run into their next single, “Call Me Mr. Pacman.” You won’t be able to handle it.

I don’t really know what to say about Devante anymore. I feel as though I’ve done all I can in terms of outreach but every time I see him he looks more like an evil sock puppet and less like the fantasies of the good-haired light n’ bright tenderoni that my generation’s budding sexuality was built around. But I’d rather watch his and Jo-Jo sleepy looking selves mime their way through imaginary sex acts than accept that we live in a time where the musical landscape prefers – no, demands – that K-Ci Hailey’s voice be laced with autotune. I wish H-Town all of the success in the world – just not with an album called Child Support. Can’t do it and won’t do it.

By the way, maybe I’m a prude or just out of the loop, but “Knockin’ Your Heels Off,” doesn’t really mean anything sexual to me but does sounds suspiciously close to “Knockin’ Da Boots.”


  • BluTopaz said:

    “Child Support”?! Will this be going under your “wtf is wrong with some of our people” tag

    Mr. Show with Bob & David did a hilarious parody of r&b baby makin’ videos that looks just like this mess.

  • Stacy said:

    LOL omg Child Support!? Someone, somewhere should have vetoed that title. lol.
    And why DeVante, why?! If that’s how he looks in his new music video you have to assume thats the best we’ll ever get from him from now on… sigh. I still love Jodeci though. Where’s their new album?

  • thelady said:

    what kind of fuckery is this? they all look like the old man at the club

  • Soulafrodisiac said:

    Devante always looked quite creepy and nocturnal-like to me. I never liked him much, but he was good at what he did!

    As for this song? I made it through 1:38 seconds of it, before I threw up in my mouth a little and my ears detached from my head and ran out the damn door.

  • multipleeargasm said:

    Who cares if they are back. 2 weeks until TAKEOVER

  • ntngale said:

    precious moments of my life that i will never, ever see again. why? who said this was good enough for human consumption? my dog even turned away and buried her head in pain-filled shame.

  • Zuri said:

    Unbelievable. I let it run all the way through. Somebody somewhere needs to stop the madness!

  • Jasmin said:

    Wow you people must be crazy, How dare you disrespect the kings! These brother’s still have it going on all of them. You obviously are young and have no appreciation for real music. Since your ears are so infested with the commercial shit they play on the radio all dam day. Anyway I for one enjoyed it. I can’t wait for more, we need some real music its far too less of it out here.

  • MsLindiwe said:

    UGH. This is KEE-RAZY. Call me a disrespecter of the kings if you must; these brothers all look FRESH outta prison, and all the visine and Duke pomade in the world ain’t changing that. (Was there a tooth or two missing from Devante’s head??) I’m so sorry for the poor lil’ video vixens who had to pose with these low budget, grimy, expiration date LONG PAST DUE fools. None of these brothers have aged well; look up the phrase “rode hard and put up wet” in the dictionary, and I believe you’ll find a group photo.


  • Mrs.Jackson said:

    It’s obvious their is negative people everywhere always trying to make a person feel bad when we know their doing good. I think the single is a great song.I love the lyrics and the beats. Way to go guys. Seem like we have a generation that don’t know what good music is. How about all the haters come up with something? Let the brothers do their thing.

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