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The Munchkins 70 Years Later

7 October 2009 One Comment

I’d like to first point out that 80% of the time I consider the interests of my readers.

The other 20% of the time I just indulge myself, and today is one of those days: the fire that is my love for little people must be stoked.

It’s been seventy years since The Wizard of Oz first captured America’s hearts (it did – there is nothing more classic American 20th century pop culture than that movie), and while most of its stars have passed away Newsweek has gathered up the five surviving Munchkins! They’re all in their late eightes/early nineties, one even nods off during the interview, and I’m especially fascinated by the fact that they refer to themselves as “midgets,” a term that is now considered derogatory (reminds me of old black folks who still say colored). Did you know that the word “munchkin” originally comes from The Wizard of Oz and now we use it for everything from donut holes to feline breeds? Did you know that elderly little people have really, really large ears? And finally, did you know that perhaps the Munchkin coroner pioneered the autotune? The only thing sweeter would be a few random kittens in their laps, so watch and absorb the heart-warming-ness of it all.

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  • Denise said:

    “Midgets” were perfectly proportioned people who lacked enough growth hormones. They no longer exist because small people are given growth hormone therapy which causes them to grow like “normal” folks.

    Dwarves are a whole different group and there is nothing that can change their condition and they have embraced the word “dwarf”. The PC terms now are “little person” or “dwarf.”

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