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Old School Friday: I Had A Crush On…

20 November 2009 9 Comments

Another Old School Friday is upon us, and this week’s theme is especially exciting. Blame my overactive imagination, the fact that no real boys liked me, or my persistent couch potato tendencies, but I have had more crushes than I’ve ever known what to do with. I have always been boy crazy, and a simple search of this blog for the world “crush” shows how ridiculous I am.

I’ve posted about my longstanding crush on Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men – that one could still work out, you know. I’ve also come clean about Ricky Bell from New Edition, Kwame, both Kid and Play, Bret Michaels, and Ghostface Killah. As for actors, I’ve admitted having had major feelings for Duane Martin, Leon, Nipsey from Martin, Gary Dourdan, Matthew McConaughey, Ron and Dwayne from A Different World, and the entire cast of the Colored But Canceled sitcom Where I Live. And those are just the dudes that have come to mind while I’m writing!

My biggest crushes of all time shouldn’t be a surprise to loyal readers – I squealed about Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block a few months ago and more of you cosigned on my feelings than expected. One of my earliest posts was about Allen Payne, whose showing on House of Payne has only gotten worse in the two years since I wrote about meeting him once in a Los Angeles mall (my knees turned to jelly – he’s FAHN). But there is a third big crush that I’m still not fully over. It’s odd, but I’ve always had a major thing for Keanu Reeves. Don’t judge me!


It all started with Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (the sequel to the Excellent Adventure) where he played a spaced-out moron. Fully aware of the negative impact that being typecast could have on his career, when I was in seventh grade I wrote in my diary that my career goal was to be Keanu’s “image consultant.” The video for Paula Abdul’s “Rush, Rush” was instrumental in the fulfillment of this crush and a great tool to show the world how fantastic Keanu really was. I used to wait for it to come on every day, hope that MTV would play the extended version where Keanu gets to “act,” and spend the rest of the afternoon fantasizing about our future together as a Hollywood power couple. It was 1991, and I was twelve years old. I always thought that he was stiff and not a very good actor, and continue to suspect that he’s a little bit slow, but he is so cool. I mean, look at his HAIR in this video. Swoon and sigh, I still adore him!

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  • Marvalus said:

    This is turning out to be a very revealing theme!

    I would have never guessed Keanu…but I understand it.

    Happy OSF!!!

  • MrsGrapevine said:

    This is definitely eye opening, I would have never guessed it. It must be the looks because the acting is ummmm…not so great. LOL!

    Keanu has nothing on Depp…

  • Treina said:

    I hear you, Thembi. I’m too boy crazy for my own good. Keanu is gorgeous (his acting, however, is painfully bad), but I agree with MrsGrapevine…Johnny takes the cake. I forgot all about Paula’s “Rush, Rush” btw. Whenever I think of her, I can only recall her stint as a Laker Girl and the “Opposites Attract” song.

  • tonia said:

    Seeing your list we have similiar celeb crushes. I’ve always thought Keanu was cute!

  • Soulafrodisiac said:

    I CANNOT explain how kindred we are. It is really starting to scare the hell out of me.

    First of all – I still heart Wanya and that will never change!

    Secondly, no judging, I still swoon at Keanu every single chance I get. Hell, I just didn’t it again. *swoon*

    It’s out of control.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Pretty sure I just read Wanya had swine flu. Might wanna wait a bit.

  • Kim said:

    Surprised!I couldn’t think of one last Friday…so I just didn’t write. But I enjoyed reading through yours. Where I Live…such a good show.

  • Ryllis said:

    I’m judging you…

  • bonnie said:

    I feel you on Ricky Bell..he could still get it! LOL

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