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This Is It: A Review

4 November 2009 6 Comments

The WWTD Dinner and a Movie Event was so much fun that I’ll definitely have more in the future – the people who read this blog are fun and cool with sick senses of humor and an appreciation good times, so I want to thank everyone who came out! The real star of the event, of course, was Michael Jackson.


This Is It is more of a collection of rehearsal footage strung together than a documentary or a tribute. Don’t expect a cohesive story or archival footage, as the movie sort of pretends that Michael is still alive and doesn’t include clips of anyone speaking about him in the past tense. Depending on your perception of Michael Jackson as a man, you may be surprised by his perfectionism and diva-like nature. Even if you’re a super-fan, watching such a gifted artist tweak every single note and step to his liking reminds you that Michael’s unique contribution to pop music was no accident or coincidence. He had a picture in his head of what it meant to be “phenomenal” and would only accept and present that. On the sad side of things, there was nothing physically wrong with Michael Jackson and it was hard not to dwell on the fact that he should still be here. Sure he was a skinny dude but he was also a dancer, and I watched him do physical things in that film that were out of reach for most of us slobs. He was in great shape so don’t believe the rumors you may have heard about This Is It consisting of manipulated footage or rumors that the tour of the same name directly contributed to Michael’s death. He was going above and beyond with every step because that’s just how he was; he wanted to make the best music ever. The evidence? Who else can have people lined up paying to watch him, not perform, but rehearse?

I’m hesitant to speak too much about This Is It because I eat up everything MJ-related and don’t want anyone to read such a grossly biased review. Instead I’ll tell you how the group felt: some of us had tears in our eyes from the start of the film, others started to doze off at moments, and most of us were tickled by his diva-ness, wardrobe, and the fact that he chews gum. The most universal feeling, which extended throughout the entire theater, was that of jubilation: folks were singing along and clapping after each number and there was an overall free and positive feeling in the crowd. The film is a communal experience, even just for other moviegoers seat-dancing to the “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” routines or for the occasional shout of  “Go ‘head Mike!” from someone in the audience. The big draw of This Is It is the show that never was, the concert of a lifetime that we can only watch in half-hearted bits and pieces and imagine how dazzling it would have been performed at full throttle. Although This Is It was hard to watch at times pace-wise and of course emotionally, I want to see it again just for the potential hootenanny. Michael takes us to church a few times in the movie without even trying very hard, so it was a worthwhile use of my time.

It’s ridiculous to say you should do anything but catch this movie while it’s in theaters because watching the grandeur that was to be Michael’s final tour just isn’t fit for the small screen (or for bootleg for those of you considering that). It’s breaking records, it’s run has been extended, what are you waiting for? Check out the trailer below!


  • Stacy said:

    They’re not showing it in English in Italy, only dubbed in Italian… what kind of foolishness is that?! I’m so pissed!!!

  • Just a Bunch of Thoughts said:

    hey, Thembi!

    I have seen the movie, twice so far, & i still wanna go see it again. I have posted my thoughts on the movie in my blog so u can check ’em out if u like, (i’ll be posting some more thoughts & ppl’s thoughts & reactions here very soon), but i couldnt have said it better. i agree with u, & i think ppl, (MJ fans or not) should go see it…
    & once is not enough!

    im so glad they’ve extended the run! but i wonder if that goes for all countries as well; do u know anything about that?

    btw, this is my first comment here, but certainly not my first visit :) I first discovered ur blog around the time of MJ’s passing (the five stages of grief ), & have been reading ur MJ posts ever since, (my fave one was the one where u wrote to him & asked him to go the beach with u).

    p.s: i like ur writing; ur a very good writer, Thembi :)


    @ Stacy: OMG! are u kiddin me? thats not good!

  • Just a Bunch of Thoughts said:

    btw, i forgot to ask, whats the WWTD?

  • Thembi Ford (author) said:

    WWTD = What Would Thembi Do

  • Just a Bunch of Thoughts said:

    oh, yeah lol, that makes sense hee hee

  • Criticalplease said:

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