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“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Santo Gold v. Santigold

18 November 2009 4 Comments


When recording artist Santogold changed her name to Santigold I wasn’t really paying attention. I heard something about there being another artist who already had that name and kept it moving. But did you know that the man behind the name change is a tragically weird infomercial/jeweler/musician from the 1980’s? He brought legal action against Santi for infringement, saying that by her use of the name Santogold she was “crushing [his] hopes of continuing his music and acting career.” Really? ‘Cause I ain’t never heard of no Santo Gold before. That is, until I was perusing the internet for examples of ridiculous infomercials and found one by the man himself. Actually, this is more than just an infomercial. He’s trying to convince viewers to participate in some sort of gold jewelry franchising scheme, and the pitch is spliced in with footage from his random and befuddling film Blood Circus. Far from a cult classic, Blood Circus can only describe itself as a “science-fiction space wrestling comedy.” After watching this, it should be obvious why Santo Gold’s imminent fame and fortune was being blocked by Ms. Santigold’s use of his name…


I’ll give Santo Gold a slim benefit of the doubt because it was 1985 and everything was a tad weirder back then, but there is no reason for ANY of that video to have ever existed. None. And the madness doesn’t stop there. In 1989 the state of Maryland forced this dude to pay millions of dollars to victims of the jewelry scam advertised in that infomercial (ok, I realize that anyone who signed up to work for Santo Gold needs their behind beaten, but that’s no reason he should get away with swindling people). More recently, like any good artist would, Santo Gold released a diss record aimed at Ms. Santigold, warning her “don’t use my name to create your fame, believe me kid this is not a game, because I’m the real Santogold and I don’t like my name being ‘stoled.” Yes, stoled. Watch for yourself.

I’d like to extend my apologies to everyone who watched both of these videos in their entirety. Let’s just hold tight for the next (or is it first?) Santigold album so all of this can feel like a bad dream.


  • Mr. Smart Guy said:

    Santogold was confusing – as marketers would accidentally misspell her name regardless… but still I don’t like my name being stoled eefer.

  • Dare said:

    “When they made me, they threw away the mold…” They sure did Santo Gold, they sure did.

  • Tafari said:

    I’m mad as hell that you stoled 5 minutes of my time reading, watching, & listening to this.

    Honestly, I’ve never heard any music from either artist & wondered what Santigold’s appeal was. I was not willing to spend cash to find out though.


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