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Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Video: A Spike Lee Joint

28 December 2009 12 Comments

The most significant event of 2009 can’t be anything but Michael Jackson’s shocking death. We’ve had plenty of time to get used to the fact that he’s gone and contemplate the value of his contributions to music, style, and pop culture, and Spike Lee wraps it all up for us with the video for “This Is It.” The song has been an odd one to me since it’s October release – I get the feeling that the ballad, recorded by Michael in 1983, isn’t quite ‘perfect’ enough for his infamously strict standards. That aside, Michael’s voice combined with the beautiful footage of all things Michael both before and after his death make my eyes a little moist.

Michael Jackson – This Is It – Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.


  • don said:

    the moment i read spike lee joint i was interested in seeing his effect. MJ really touched the hearts of a countless number of people.

    pretty good video.

  • Just a Bunch of Thoughts said:

    i couldnt agree more… this song isnt as great as MJ’s other creations for sure, but it grows onto you with time… i have watched this Spike Lee one along with another one made of footage from ‘This Is It’ & yes, it gets into you…

    It’s amazing how even though im sooo not feeling the same as i felt at/after the time of his passing, i still get emotional from time to time… despite everything…

    i dont wanna cry… im not watching this now…

  • Jeffrey said:


    I put Obama becoming President as the most significant news story of the year, but MJ’s death was right behind that.

    CNN is polling every one on there top news stories, here.

  • Cookie said:

    I put Obama becoming President as the most significant news story of the year as well but MJ’s death had a monumental impact. Spike Lee did an excellent job with his vimeo. It’s a wonderful tribute. Well done.

  • I Hunter said:

    Thanks Spike Lee for your respectful and heartfelt tribute to the greatest American entertainment icon that ever lived. Losing Michael was very personal to many of us who grew up during a time when the only teen African American idols were the Jacksons and we loved them dearly. As Africans in America we have contributed so much to this landscape-I am grateful to you for your ability to capture our contributions in a manner that tells our story. Please know tht you too are an icon storyteller-keep speaking the truth…keep telling the stories!


  • Billy Mack said:

    I grew up with Michael and the Jackson 5. Spike this video is the “real deal”. Thank you my brother!

  • Thembi said:

    Hmmm I figured Obama being elected was a 2008 story, even though he became prez this year…

  • Alison said:

    the horn orchestration at the end sounds like spike’s father’s work. i wonder if that’s part of the original song or if bill lee composed it for the shot of the stool/glove/hat at the end?

    and, yeah, i cried. i think it will always feel like a death in the family.

  • Rose Albury said:

    WOW! Loved the video. i love to see Michael smile. His eyes; his eyes tell a story. I appreciate the video, thank you Mike, great job Spike Lee. Watching the video made me cry, Sure it did Michael was like family, and when you miss someone thats what you do cry. The spotlight touch was absolutely beautiful, what a way to end the video. I’m 50 years old, and I remember the Jacksons as a child, and when they were signed on with Motown. Thanks Barry Gordy, thank you Joe Jackson for your dream, and Katherine for your loving support. THIS IS IT!!!! not for me, cannot say goodbye. R.I.P. Michael, you deserve to rest, thank you for contribution to the world, and you certaintly touched my life.

  • Traci said:

    Thank You Mr.Spike Lee for the video. I loved Michael Jackson as a child growing up. Michael died a year after my mom’s death and I’m going to tell you it was right up there with my mom’s death, the same feeling all over again…I know my mom and Michael are two perfect angels in Heaven and having a geat time with God…I’m jealous, but I still have more work to do on earth.Thanks again Mr. Spike Lee for your spirit. Love It.

    God Bless,
    Traci B-Pow

  • Deva said:

    As usual, Spike Lee knows how to capture the moment and he did just that with “This Is It”. I am sure the Jackson family is well pleased as are the zillions of Michael’s fans. Spike, thanks for this beautiful showcase from beginning to end. We all loved Michael and we love you for putting the music and pictures of Michael together! Heartwarming!

  • LuvmesumMichael said:

    Spike Lee has irritated me with his recent attack on Tyler Perry, so to me it seems that he is just using our Beloved Michael to win back some brownie points after putting his foot in his mouth. You will notice how he has his name scrolling across the screen TWICE during the video. Who does that? Anything any does to showcase Michael will look great becuase there is so much quality footage and beautiful photos to utilize. I saw Spike’s name and decided not to watch the video until I read the other comments. If indeed it is a sincere gesture on his part to honor Michael, then that’s wonderful, proving that he CAN appreciate the great works of his African American Male Peers.

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