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[25 Jan 2010 | One Comment | ]
Did Moms Mabley Predict The 2008 Election? Black female entertainers have always walked a fine line between the stereotype of the vulgar, oversexed temptress and the large, asexual mammy figure. When it comes to creating a comedic persona, there's nothing less-funny to black audiences than trite, overdone stereotypes (or, so I thought until Madea came along, but I digress**). Moms Mabley circumvented all of that by presenting herself as an toothless old lady in a bathrobe and raggedy hat who also had the foulest mouth around and couldn't keep her mind off of sex.

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[22 Jan 2010 | 7 Comments | ]
This Week’s Love/Hate Relationship With Black Pop Culture I had to bring back these weekly updates because there's too much random news to report! We're barely on the other side of a new decade and it's already attack of the 00's.

The Guy From City High Trying To Go Dry Remember City High? Of course you do. They had two charting singles: What Would You Do? and Caramel, both in 2001. There was the cute girl (Claudette Ortiz), the guy who was in Sister Act 2 (Ryan Toby, left), and...the other

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[19 Jan 2010 | 30 Comments | ]
“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Who Is Corey Johnson aka Musicorey? People always ask me, "Thembi, how do you find this stuff?" Well, this week I'm going to walk you through the process because there is no reason why a perfectly sane woman such as myself should be asking any questions about Corey Johnson. Please bear with me as I take you through the tragically painful journey of discovering all there is to know about this person.

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[19 Jan 2010 | 8 Comments | ]
Obama After One Year: We Need A Black Cabinet!

It doesn't seem like most of America is feeling the Hope anymore. Anyone could have predicted the fierce opposition that Obama has faced in office, and sadly he is on track to become a single-term mistake. How can Obama fix this? Well, in addition to the obvious need for progress on his campaign promises - health care, managing our two wars, and reviving the economy - Obama should reach for some low hanging fruit. If he does anything in his four years the least he can

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[11 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Random Jacksons Moment After my much needed hiatus I'm refreshed and re-focused...well, sort of. Since I spent the first week of the new year laying low I only absorbed all of the motivational "let get it in 2010!" talk from afar, and am rejoining the online community in a regular winter blues state of mind. It's cold. It's not just December on the East Coast cold, it's freezing. I spent my time away in FLORIDA where it was only fifty degrees or so, which is way better than the negative temperatures I would have faced at home but still a huge rip off