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Black Dude vs Bearded Man Bus Fight

18 February 2010 11 Comments

Ok, so here’s the thing. Actually three things.

1. I like watching people fight. I won’t make apologies for my fascination with fisticuffs but I’m not proud of it either.

2. I hate when people actually do fight. Seriously, what’s the point? Even my desire to watch a beatdown doesn’t trump the display of one of the saddest aspects of the human condition – some people think that violence is the answer.

Now watch this video.

3. Bearded old man wearing a fanny pack completely whoops the younger man wearing a flannel shirt and cornrows (in my opinion, when it comes to lameness, cornrows plus a flannel is on par with a fanny pack); it makes for a great almost-safe-for-work laugh and is so deliciously internet-y but there’s so much wrong with this picture. The initial audio doesn’t make it clear how this conversation started so I don’t know who was in the wrong – something about shining shoes – but when the bearded man says “It doesn’t have to be a black man, it can be a Chinaman,” a little something inside of me died. White people, especially old ones, really need to stop trying to explain that they’re not racist. It’s not something to explain and can only be demonstrated in real life, kind of like creditworthyness or marital fidelity. Meanwhile, black folks need to stop being so sensitive because who has time to beef with every racist old coot, and men in general need to stop proving that they have larger cajones than the next guy. We already know that stupid beef can get you killed in the hood but dude should have known that saying the wrong thing to a white senior citizen (who is bigger than you are) could also lead to you needing an “ammalance.” Lesson learned.


  • tsboddy said:

    to add to your list above:

    #4 there is a very large percentage of people who ride the bus that are off kilter (exhibit A and B in the video above).

    #5 you always got someone in the backgroud egging folks on, but have no intention of getting involved.

    old dude told other guy not to mess with him. whatever prompted the convo, we will never know, but i think old dude was trying to chill. his shoe shine/chinaman comment aside, black dude kinda deserved to get swung on since he struck first. unfortunately for him, old dude whooped his tail. he might not a known karate, but he for sure knew C-RAZY

  • Tafari said:

    When I saw how big the white guy was compared to the black guy, I knew it was over & i was right because he beat that ass!

    Im so happy that I dont catch the bus! This shit happens way too much. Did you see the video of the bus fight between the Chinese woman & the Black woman? The Black woman got stomped!

    I wonder if that ammalance ever came.


  • Tafari said:

    LOL @ “He might not a known karate, but he for sure knew C-RAZY”

  • Ann said:

    “Something in the milk ain’t clean” about this bearded man. Have you seen the video of when he was tasered by police at a baseball game?

  • Rasida7 said:

    It seems that “Epic Beard Man” aka Vietnam Tom has been right for a while. Just I saw an earlier post on YouTube where the same dude went off and was tazed at a baseball game. So much for the treatment of veterans. As far as the bus beatdown, DO NOT EVER be goaded to the point of violence. Old boy aint on his meds — so sad.

  • tsboddy said:

    thembi…this is just for you buddy


    once again, proving my #4 point

  • regina said:

    wow… ignorance is a dangerous thing and it is definitely NOT bliss. First of all I absolutely hate when people egg folks on, instigate, throW ish in the game. that fool in the background yelling, “yea, say it again” helped this ignorant fool get his a$$ whooped!(if you are not part of the solution, you ARE part of the problem!) Why can’t some people just let things go, walk away or better still just shut the F*%k up! On any fight someone wins and someone losses, knowing that this is a 50/50 chance you should be the bigger person and walk away.
    Beard man did warn black dude, and ignorant black dude swung first (why? because #1 he was showing off, #2 he was over confident, #3 he was being goaded by folks not involved, & #4 he is carrying an inferiority complex that he felt he could prove false by fighting).
    But at the end of the day, Crazy/racist is still Crazy/racist; Ignorant black is still ignorant black (and needing an ammalance!) and the fool with the camera is still a fool somewhere laughing they a$$ off (would it still be funny if dude was a family member? I don’t think so).


  • dz5000 said:

    white man with stacy adams is probly not to be fucked wit.

    round 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-XVnPzIUsQ

    you can find that crazy bus lady @ broad n olney dancing n listening to gospel on saturday

  • Eurasian Sensation said:

    From what I can glean from the early conversation, it seems like the old guy is not being racist, but has a genuine misunderstanding. Seems like Mr Cornrow is ranting about something involving the word “spit-shine” (I guess an analogy for something), but Grizzly Adams took it literally and thought he shined shoes for a living or something. Either that or he was being a bit cheeky and Cornrow took shit to the extreme.

    Seriously, what kind of tough guy picks fights with senior citizens? What a biatch.

  • NattyFemme said:

    Chile I think he beat the BRAKES off that negro and he deserved it. End of story!

    PS: That dude was like 6’4″ and CLEARLY had some ‘nam crazy going on.

  • professor jawn said:

    just for context, both this fight and the Chinese woman/black girl fight were in the Bay Area, where violence is the bedfellow of crazy class stratification and displacement. i’ve called a good 20 cities in and out of the US home, but i have never encountered a public transit system more dangerous than AC transit and the MUNI. for more info on why the Bay is exceptionally hyphy, check out http://www.peopleorganized.org/article.php?id=114.

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