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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge Week 1: Answers

17 February 2010 7 Comments

Let’s just say that the first round of scores were great, and that with enough luck and brainpower anyone can still take the lead or certainly place. I’m going to have to make these questions harder!

The standings so far are as follows:

1. Mr Smart Guy: 95 points

2. LolaAm: 90 points

3. Traci and Reads4Pleasure: 85 points

Malcolm and Fana are closing in on the pack with 80 and 78 points respectively. Here are the answers and stay tuned for the next set of questions!

1. Photo ID. This is the cast of what short-lived black sitcom? (5 points)

This is the cast of UPN’s Between Brothers.

2. Hip Hop Quotable. It’s been three years since you last hear/But now I reappear your heart pumps fear/To your gut / Did your girl’s butt/I  scraped it, shaped it, now she won’t strut” (1 point per blank for 10 points). This memorable verse is from Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear Remix”

3. What movie is this screenshot from? (5 Points)

Tales From The Hood. Slave dolls. Scary.

4. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett. You’ve heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” This is the black version because lord knows Angela Bassett has worked just as much as he has! Connect Angela Bassett to another celebrity using movies, television, or music. Easy example: How can you connect Angela Bassett to Larenz Tate? One path is that she was inHow Stella Got Her Groove Back with Taye Diggs, who was in The Best Man with Nia Long, who was in Love Jones with Larenz Tate. Remember you can use tv, movies, or music, but not relationships like who’s dated whom, etc.

Can you connect Angela Bassett with Zoe Saldana? (10 points)

There are many ways and almost everyone who tried to answer this question came up with a different path between the two actresses. The one I had in mind was Angela Bassett connects to Bernie Mac through the movie Mr. 3000, and Bernie Mac was in Guess Who? with Zoe Saldana.

5. Word Scramble. Unscramble the names of these black film actresses (10 points) and tell me what they have in common (5 points) – only three other actresses share this distinction.




LNAIDRRNHACAOL – Diahann Carroll

CTYLSEYICNO – Cicely Tyson

Along with Gabourey Sidibe, Dorothy Dandridge, and Angela Bassett, these are the only black actresses to have been nominated for Best Actress Oscars.

****Edit: My bad, y’all. I changed the word scramble at the last minute, intending to have the answer be that these are the only black actresses to have been nominated for Best Actress Oscars, but thats not at all what this list is. I’m giving everyone that five points.****

6. Obligatory Michael Jackson Question (last year each quiz featured a question about The Cosby Show, but this year will be all about MJ!). Michael Jackson was raised under what religion? (10 points)

Jehovah’s Witness. Remember how the video for “Thriller” had that disclaimer? Yipes.

7. Ebony Archives Throwback Photo. Who is this? (10 points)

This is Chubby Checker, although most of you said Cassius Clay back in the conk days.

8. Who’s on First? Who was the first black person to host a network television show? (5 points)

Almost everyone said Nat King Cole, whose show started in 1956 making him the first black man to host a network television show. However, before that came jazz pianast and singer Hazel Scott, whose 1950 show was the first to be hosted by a black person. Only Malcolm and Woe got this question correct.

9. Connections. What do these three rappers have in common? They are not the only rappers to share this commonality (10 points). Hints: If youre lost on who they are, just hover over the photo.

Sorry that I couldn’t accept general answers like they’re all New Yorkers or they all appeared on sitcoms at some point. The best answer is that all three part of The Stop The Violence Movement which yielded the classic “Self Destruction.”

10. Clear That Sample! Which hip hop song sampled this mystery song? (10 points)

Jay-Z’s “Who Ya Wit”! Check it out if you need your memory refreshed:

***Dig in The Crates Extra Credit Question: In an Old School Friday post in 2009 I questioned the difference between two similar, yet differently named dances? What were they? (10 points)

The answer was The Butterfly vs The Tootsee Roll. I still don’t have any answers as to the difference between the two.


  • Trenubian said:

    First off, i hope my answers were at least recieved as i don’t see my name listed amongst the top…..lol
    I also want a partial as we know the world of sampling is vast and that there could be other answers for #10, can I get a ruling please?….lol
    Otherwise, I found this forray both challenging and fun and am looking forward to round two!

  • woe said:

    Ahgghhhh, I knew the answer to No. 9, “Headed for Self-Destruction”. I got started on this quiz at the very last minute, and I was in so much of a hurry to get these answers sent in by 8pm, I neglected to fill in the rest of the sentence haha. Good first round, Thembi, I thought I would get at least an 80, damn. That Ebony Archives pic threw me way off…looked a lot like my buddy Muhammad, but that slicked-out conk had me pausin…

  • Malcolm said:

    Hi Thembi,

    A couple of things. Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar win was for Best Supporting Actress. Also, what about Halle Berry’s Best Actress Oscar win for “Monster’s Ball”? :-)

  • Monica said:

    i am so mad at myself. i did NOT know the answer to what heavy, lyte and kool moe dee had in common but i was just gonna guess “they were all headed for self destruction” but i foolishly didn’t and opted for the sitcom answer. d’OH!

  • Monica said:

    ps jennifer hudson wasn’t nominated for best actress. she won best supporting.

  • ☆ Lola A♏ ★ said:

    I thought about the Oscar nominations for the ladies, but stating that only 3 other ladies share the distinction threw me off and because I knew JHud was only nominated for supporting. Oh well

  • ichoosethesun said:

    I’m with TreNubian…..did you receive my answers? Not being a sore loser, but by my count I should have 80 =) Totally missed Chubby Checker and Craig Mack….

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