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This Week’s Love/Hate Relationship With Black Pop Culture

19 February 2010 7 Comments

In case you missed it, Gary Coleman has been on a rough and ashy road lately. Instead of laying low and letting us forget about his domestic abuse charge from late January, Gary appeared on The Insider this Wednesday to…well, I don’t know exactly what he intended to do. After explaining why he looked like a Madball in his mugshot and that contrary to the opinion of law enforcement his marriage is not abusive, the “hard-hitting journalists” on the panel decided that just wasn’t enough and asked a brother the same question one too many times. Watch Arnold go off.

I feel so badly for this guy. He’s like the physical manifestation of the darkside of two of my favorite things (little people and eighties pop culture), but is completely unaware of how increasingly off-kilter he is. Telling someone that you hope they get hit by a car is one step above “I know you are but what am I?” and although we know his public relations team gave up on him long ago it’s just not a good look. I hate it all but I do love watching a little cuss out.

Henry Louis Gates is donating the handcuffs from his 2009 arrest by the Cambridge police to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. Nope, I don’t know how he got them, and as to their importance to African American history I can only guess that the “Beer Summit” that followed the incident is what makes them so important. He’s no Dr. King but hey, I can’t really hate.

Whitney Houston! Lately I’ve been singing a lot of her songs on repeat, which is a good thing ‘cuz she sure aint. Check out this video and the heart-wrenchingness of it all.

Weren’t the few seconds before she hits that big note as dread-filled as right before you pull off a Band-Aid? In spite of Whitney’s history with the rock, I believe her when she says she’s clean and sober. But Newports sure do take the edge off of that crack withdrawal, and she’s also been known to roll up a blunt or two in her day. Those are the nasty habits that I blame for her crusty voice, not the “cracks and weed,” that she admitted to smoking in that Oprah interview. I hope she brings her throat back from the brink of disaster because I still love her!

Dru Hill is back with a new member. Check out the video right here. The song is just fine, but Dru Hill makes me uncomfortable and I can’t put my finger on why. There’s just a LOT going on, and I still can’t forget the time that the big one tried to holla at me in front the W Hotel in New York, and I really hated that.

People have asked me to comment on Tiger Woods and his whole situation. I suppose it’s all over now that he got on television today and apologized to America, delivering a lame speech whose content and delivery rivaled the most mediocre of Black History Month oratorical contests. It was all very blah blah blah my bad, guys, I’m getting the therapy that I need, which is a bunch of nonsense because all he did was not respect his marriage, aint nothin’ medical wrong with that jerk. The whole show was certainly aimed at his sponsors and endorsers, not a black lady such as myself. Furthermore it’s a good thing that Tiger Woods isn’t black because if he were this whole incident would be really embarrassing for us. With any luck the Cablinasian community will rebuild and we won’t have to hear anymore about him and his jump-offs, which I’d love.


  • Tafari said:

    Gary should have hauled off with a back hand at Becky. She went to far. You don’t get all up in a man’s business like that if you don;t know him.

  • Alvin said:

    Skip Gates got the cuffs from the cop who he and Obama had the beer with (read that in the NY Times Mag). Tiger’s apology turned into a skit when he looked right at the camera to say, I am so sorry, and I threw my hands up when he said he used to be Buddhist. “Once you heard Wu, out of the blue, your family’s from Shaolin.”

  • NattyFemme said:

    I’m with Tafari – I think he actually handled himself a lot better than I would’ve. But then again, I’ve seen them do this on this show a plenty. It’s their m.o. I wouldn’t ever go on there.

  • NattyFemme said:

    Also noting that if you do crack you get what I call a “crack-cent” or the crack accent. Check it – you can ALWAYS tell if somebody did crack. Their voice is NEVER right.

  • Bam Cabral said:

    These standards of appropriate behavior set by white America are insane. The lawyer chick was going wayy too far. People get mad when you push them, thats normal. And as for the book writing psychologist, you can not say someone needs medicine because they don’t conform to your perspective of when they should get angry. Gary did as he should, walk off.

  • julian said:

    Summed up the Tiger Woods shit in the most definitive way I’ve seen yet.

  • CAG said:

    Jesus Wept…Twice…LOL
    Whitney just makes me sad…period! I’ve watched her video marathon on vh1soul like 4 times just because I want to remember her the way she was like a mother that longs for a lost child.

    Gary…Tiger…Dru Hill Sorry @$$ Comeback…No Comment…SMDH..Poor Tink Tinks..lol

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