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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge: Final Round!

1 March 2010 2 Comments

The Rules:

1. You have until Friday at midnight to submit your answers to me via e-mail at quiz2010@whatwouldthembido.com. The best way to go about this is to copy and paste the quiz in the email. Please DO NOT post answers in the comments section.

2. I will post the answers and winners of this year’s challenge on Monday. This is the final round!

3. This year the prize structure will be as follows:

First Place – $50 gift card

Second Place – $25 gift card

Third Place – $10 gift card

4. If you use the internet you kind of suck. Most of the questions will be Google-proof, so press your luck trying to find answers on the internet. If its obvious that you used the internet I will disqualify you because that’s you playing with my money!

No, I didn’t name it week three, because it’s actually March. But you know what to do.

1. Name the group pictured below. (10 points)

2. Sitcom Hangouts. Every gang has a hangout spot! Can you name them for these shows? (4 points each)

– What’s Happening!!!

– Martin

– Girlfriends (not the J-Spot)

– Family Matters

– Out All Night

3. Who are the cartoon characters in this photo? Partial credit if you can name one and not the other. (15 points)

4. Video Killed The…What video is this still from? Name the song and artist for full credit. (10 points)

5. Photo ID. Which great blues musician and songwriter is in the photo below? (15 points)

6. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett.

Can you connect Angela Bassett to Bill Bellamy? (10 points) *Note – both actors were in a documentary together, that doesn’t count.

7. Name 3 sitcom or movie characters involved in interracial relationships AND name their choice of mate. You must stick to either sitcoms or film, no mixing. (5 points each)

8. What Movie is this still from? (10 points)

9. Obligatory Michael Jackson Question. The week after his death, Michael Jackson topped the iTunes download charts in every country except one. Name that country. (10 points)

10. Connections. What do these three actors have in common? Again, if you can argue your answer I’ll give you some credit. (15 points)

11. Clear That Sample. Which hip-hop song sampled this song? Listen very carefully. (15 points)

*** Reader Loyalty Bonus Question*** Name one specific thing I hate, and one specific thing I love. As simple as that! (10 points)


  • tsboddy said:

    let me understand #7 right…you mean sitcom or film actors who are in interracial relationships in “real” life?

  • Thembi (author) said:

    No, I mean the characters themselves. Sorry for the confusion!

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