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Black History Month Pop Culture Challenge: The Winners Are…

11 March 2010 4 Comments

This was the longest Black History Month ever. This year’s quiz was close, but without further ado here are this year’s prize winners:

1. Reads 4 Pleasure – 300 points, WINNER $50 Gift Card

2. Mr Smart Guy – 295 points, $25 Gift Card

3. Lola AM – 266 pooints, $10 Gift Card.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Here are the answers:

1. Name the group pictured below. (10 points)


2. Sitcom Hangouts. Every gang has a hangout spot! Can you name them for these shows? (4 points each)

– What’s Happening!!! – Rob’s Place

– Martin – Nipsey’s

– Girlfriends (not the J-Spot) – 847

– Family Matters – Rachel’s Place

– Out All Night – Club Chelsea

3. Who are the cartoon characters in this photo? Partial credit if you can name one and not the other. (15 points)

C Bear and Jamal

4. Video Killed The…What video is this still from? Name the song and artist for full credit. (10 points)

Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant. Watch the full video here.

5. Photo ID. Which great blues musician and songwriter is in the photo below? (15 points)

W.C. Handy

6. Six Degrees of Angela Bassett.

Can you connect Angela Bassett to Bill Bellamy? (10 points) *Note – both actors were in a documentary together, that doesn’t count.

This may have been the easiest Six Degrees yet, since Bill Bellamy was in Love Jones and The Brothers but not much else, and both movies had half of Hollywoods black actors in them.

7. Name 3 sitcom or movie characters involved in interracial relationships AND name their choice of mate. You must stick to either sitcoms or film, no mixing. (5 points each)

Some answers included Flipper Purify (Wesley Snipes) and Angie Tucci (Annabella Sciorra) in Jungle Fever, and Marcus Boyd (Lance Gross)/Lucia Ramirez (America Ferrera) – Our Family Wedding (which hasn’t even come out yet!)

8. What movie is this still from? (10 points)

Fear of a Black Hat

9. Obligatory Michael Jackson Question. The week after his death, Michael Jackson topped the iTunes download charts in every country except one. Name that country. (10 points)


10. Connections. What do these three actors have in common? Again, if you can argue your answer I’ll give you some credit. (15 points)

The BEST answer was that each of these actors had small parts on sitcoms only to reappear later with recurring roles, which is pretty rare. Paula Jai Parker was Mia in the Wayans Brothers episode “Pulp Marlon,” a trifling chick who was dating Marlon but had a big jealous husband. Later she returned as Monique, who ran the card store near the newsstand. Joseph C Phillips had a small part on The Cosby Show as Daryl, a potential date for Sandra, only to reappear later as Denise’s husband Martin Kendall. Vanessa Williams also had a small part on The Cosby Show as Theo’s love interest and drama student Jade, but reappeared later as Theo’s island love interest Cheryl. Nobody got this, but I gave partial credit. Too hard maybe?

11. Clear That Sample. Which hip-hop song sampled this song? Listen very carefully. (15 points)

This is Ernie Klugh’s “A Time For Love,” which was sampled by Raekwon’s “Ice Cream.” The  portion that RZA sampled  to make this track (one of the hottest ever, in my opinion) falls around the 0:35 mark. Here’s “Ice Cream,” to jog your memory.

*** Reader Loyalty Bonus Question*** Name one specific thing I hate, and one specific thing I love. As simple as that! (10 points)

Many props to Reads4Pleasure for remembering that I hate bats.


  • ShonQuayshah said:

    congrats to the winners…and thanks to thembi for filling my mind with even further (useful/useless) trivia!

    btw…never come to austin, texas from mid-march to november (no sxsw music or film fest for you!) if you hate bats…


  • tsboddy said:

    yes, #10 was too hard. LOL…i’m still convinced my answer was a good one.

  • Reads4Pleasure said:

    Giving honor to God…I’d like to thank the Academy…I see you people up top…thanks for hosting this, Thembi. I really enjoyed it.

  • ☆ Lola A♏ ★ said:

    Woowee!!! This quiz was the hardest one EVER!!!

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