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This Week’s Love/Hate Relationship With Black Pop Culture

5 March 2010 4 Comments

I don’t usually start with something I hate, but as you’ve surely heard by now hip-hop legend Guru is having serious health issues and is in the hospital after a string of crises involving a heart attack, asthma attack, and coma. As if the unfortunate nature of these events isn’t enough, the internet is abuzz with accusations that his producer Solar (or “Superproducer Solar,” as he prefers to be called) is blocking the family’s access to Guru, didn’t even notify them that he’d been hospitalized for nearly a month before he went into a coma, and is currently making key medical decisions for him. Solar has even been manipulating Guru’s statements and Twitter account. Case in point:

Doesn’t seem right, does it? This information first came to light via this video, a statement from a young man claiming to be Guru’s nephew, and has been exacerbated by Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, and DJ Premier all calling foul on the Svengali-like Solar. A bunch of Guru’s latest albums have been released for free since he’s been in the hospital. Do you smell a rat yet? This is a horrible situation so let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery.

I’ve been hard on the Debarge family in the past but can you blame me? When it comes to “Good Hair Gone Bad” they’re like BEST hair gone WORST, so I had to roast them a while back. But that was before I’d seen TvOne’s “Unsung” about the family. Their whole situation was so full of tragic nonsense and not even all of the mulatto variety. I won’t give any spoilers because you should try to check it out for yourself, I’ll just say that the drug addiction and resulting criminal behavior of the Debarge brothers makes complete sense. The good news is that after an early release from prison after wilin’ out a few years ago El is back! He looks and sounds great in this interview with Brian McKnight. Could beige be on its way back in style? I highly doubt it but I love to see the recovery of a talented artist!

D-Nice and Malinda Wililams have confirmed their split, which is a shame because they were my favorite famous couple! I hate this because I thought they were such a cute match but that’s the way it goes I guess…

It’s bad enough that Michael Jackson passed away leaving three children behind with his crazy family, but it looks like the general Jackson craziness to which we’ve become accustomed is intensified in Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine’s thirteen year old son. Apparently the little weirdo ordered a stun gun online and has been accused of trying to use it on little Blanket Jackson (Blanket Jackson? That doesn’t sound right but let’s run with it). Child Services is investigating the situation but I don’t like the sound of anyone messing with my Blanket. That’s right, I said MY Blanket. I love that kid. I certainly don’t believe that Jermaine’s kids are well-adjusted because Jermaine himself is as nutty as a fruitcake, so this recent video of Jaafar going upside Jermajesty’s head comes as no surprise to me, what do you think?

Rapper J-Kwon was missing for like two days, but they found him. If you ask me he’s been missing ever since “Tipsy” fell off of the charts but whatevs. Turns out the whole thing was likely a publicity stunt and I HATE those.

Finally, I know that the situation seems to be resolved, but I have to comment on Naomi Campbell. This week the supermodel was accused of hitting her driver, but he recanted his complaints to police and now claims that the whole thing was blown out of proportion.Yeah, right, you know you were paid off to be quiet, dude. I’d feel pretty small if I were a grown man who’d just been sonned by a female and try to act like it didn’t happen too, but this is the TENTH time that Naomi has hauled off and beaten the help. That’s what’s key – Naomi Campbell only gets physical with people at her service, so I can only imagine how many of her employees have stayed silent after she smacks them around. Homegirl is straight up feudal with her human resources! That and ONLY that is why no one has ever hit her back, because I know that you or I would be snatching at that weave of hers as soon as she even tried anything! Don’t call me a hater just because she’s pretty, her behavior proves that she’s ugly to the bone on the inside.


  • t. allen-mercado said:

    This post just made my day! Tell it, tell it all! I just told my husband that Naomi must do “hood pre-screening” on her employees, ’cause let me tell you how she would have been the supermodel formerly known as fine if she put one hand on me!

  • Tafari said:

    my boo & I were talking about the Guru/Solar drama last night & we are both wondering if they are under cover lovers. Seriously, why would Guru give this man control of his life, while keeping the family in the dark. It doesn’t look or sound right. I’m just saying!

    Sorry but I laughed at the fact of Blanket getting tazed! Jaafar must really not like his ass. And Jermajesty needs to be tazed for having the name Jermajesty.

    Honestly, Id loved to be slapped by Naomi, be it face or ass! “…Naomi has hauled off and beaten the help.” DEAD!

    This made for a nice transition to the weekend!

  • Damali said:

    love you Thembi and this post is on point esp re: Naomi. She may get feudal on the help but eventually someone’s going to get medieval on her weave-y wonder self……..now that’s entertainment.

    Glad you mentioned “Unsung” – it’s a gold mine of info. The segment on Donny Hathaway for instance – never knew he had a 3rd daughter.

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