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Dr. Conrad Murray Saves The Life of Someone Who Did Not Make Thriller

25 May 2010 6 Comments

Conrad Murray in his 1984 mugshot for domestic violence charges and today. Yes I just used the old photo of him to be inflammatory. With his ol’ wannabe Bobby McFerrin lookin self.

I know I’m late on this news but I’ve pretty much had my head under a rock these past few weeks. About two weeks ago Dr. Conrad Murray came to the aid of a passenger on a flight from Houston to Phoenix. Apparently a women in her twenties fainted and a flight attendant got on the loudspeaker with the old “is there a doctor in the house?” thing. As luck would have it, the very doctor responsible for the care of a man who died prematurely at the young age of fifty was on the plane. Yeah, I mean Michael Jackson, yo. So Murray inserted an IV and made sure the woman made it safely off of the plane. Publicity stunt? Maybe, but TMZ has the video. There’s nothing about it that suggests it wasn’t fake, but either way I’m side-eying the situation.

I need to get a few things off of my chest.

If I fainted and woke up to Michael Jackson’s doctor putting an IV into my arm I would’ve flipped out right there on that plane. I mean they’d have to call the air marshalls, TSA, CIA, FBI, FEMA, all of them. I mean for real hell no. Let me breathe into a paper bag or wave some smelling salts under my nose instead. I might start carrying smelling salts for that reason alone, and I don’t even really know what smelling salts are exactly.

Life is fragile and precious. This woman could have died and that’s scary…kind of. I mean, kudos to Dr. Murray for preserving a valuable life, but did this woman make Thriller? Did she master the Moonwalk? Was her baby hair revolutionary? Was she a friend to the animals and did she walk terminally ill children in nature on a regular basis? No, you say?

Conrad Murray, you’re still on my list. I’m watching you.


  • [fung'ke][blak][chik] said:

    i’d like someone to prove that this chick wasn’t a plant…and some scheme for dr. murray to look like someone who couldn’t have possibly killed the most famous person on the planet!

  • AJ said:

    Amen, Thembi.

    Was her baby hair revolutionary?

    Truly, inquiring minds want to know.

  • Arianna said:

    I’m so with you on this! A lot of people were giving him props for saving someone’s life and saying he must be a good person. But come on, does saving one person’s life really absolve you from murdering someone else, especially an icon? SMH.

  • msladydeborah said:

    I would of fainted again if I had come to and seen him standing over me!

  • Mill said:

    I would just like to say that if this “doctor” could not save a girl who FAINTED, he would not longer be allowed to call himself a human being, let alone a doctor. I spent years fainting, all over the place. It’s not scary, it’s not serious, it’s not life-threatening. Never called a doctor, just got up and got on with my day. I don’t really understand the IV, but I guess he had to look like he was doing something. It worries me though how quickly he jumps for the vein though, that’s pretty weird.

  • LittleMissStrange said:

    Was her baby hair revolutionary?

    LMAO… Preach

    But really… If it was me, my mama, cousin, neighbors friend that fainted, Dr Jack@ss would have had to call of Jesus bc his behind would have been mine.

    Im surprised they let him touch the girl much less help her. Have him get caught on an plane with some hardcore fans…Chile!

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