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“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Peaches Mask Halloween Costume

26 May 2010 12 Comments

I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween yet but I know it ain’t this:

Uh, word? This mask is actually called “Peaches Mask African American Woman Halloween Costume Accessory.” It’s sold by the Amazon store Grim Reaper and produced by a Chicago-based company called Zagone Studios. The Amazon page doesn’t explain how to rock Peaches properly, so I did a little bit of web searching.

Most sites just describe this as a “Latex rubber face mask with attached bandana and hair.” I mean, you know, why elaborate?

Fantasy Toyland exclaims: “With this adult Peaches mask you can look like a black southern woman!

Full Moon Masks warns: “Peaches may look harmless but don’t get on her bad side. She’s the queen of Voodo [sic] and knows some spells that would make a coven full of witches scream in fear. Not your usual Halloween mask.”

An eBay listing switches things up by naming this piece of nonsense “Peaches Housekeeper with Bandana Halloween Mask Costume” and gleefully boasts “Serious attenttion to detail in this awsome mask. We carry only top quality masks. If we don’t like them, we don’t sell them.”

Well, I don’t like it.

In case you’re confused, here’s an angle from another site:

I’m well past the point where I see myself in disgusting images like these, those which are all meant to make fun not of some oddity in human the condition but of my very existence as a black person and woman. There could be some humor or costuming value in the depiction of a character who is a Voodoo priestess (just barely, though), or even a backwoods person with bad teeth and skin. But the fact there is any market (at a $35-$40 price point, no less) for anyone who finds the idea of a black Southern woman named Peaches worthy of a Halloween costume makes me sick to my stomach.

By the way, our brothers need not feel left out by Zagone Studios. They have a little something for you too.

Meet Leroy. “Leroy don’t take no guff from no one! Tell them how it is in the Adult Le Roy Mask, a full Over-the-head hand painted Latex Mask with Moveable Mouth.”


Let’s discuss these in the comments.


  • [fung'ke][blak][chik] said:

    I’d like to know if they have a white trailer park trash mask called “becky”, with missing teeth, and pregnant with her uncles children…but i’m sure that’s not likely…

    the sad thing is…they wouldn’t make it..if ppl didn’t buy it.

  • Mill said:

    Bad. upsetting. Stomach turning. Apart from anything else, will someone please explain to me HOW this is a hallowe’en costume? It makes no sense. I hate that someone is making money for this. Oh, now i’m thinking about it, I hate that some poor people so desperate for money are in a factory making these and other shits like it. BOO!

  • Ti said:

    i don’t have a lot to say about this. i’d like amazon to stop selling it, though.

  • invisiblewoman said:


  • Rhome said:

    It’s been a while since I couldn’t think of anything to say.


  • Tafari said:

    Why they gotta have bad skin 1st of all. Second of all, what every body else done said.

  • Dare said:

    Wait, so America is *not* post-racial? I’m confused.
    Seriously disgusting and shameful how easy I know it would be to find someone who would defend this trash and insist that this both is actually amusing and also doesn’t count as an example of racism manifested.

  • Dara said:

    I see the Peaches mask only got 1 star on Amazon. The nerve! I’d like to read some of those Customer Reviews. Like, were they disappointed with the fit? Did the latex not let their pores breathe? I need to know.


  • Corporate AfroPuff said:

    I just let go of being internally scarred by the N-word, but now this? If I see this, I will want to fight. Here I go falling into the angry black woman stereotype…..falling……And who says there is not a conspiracy to send Black people to prison? This type of nonsense makes it almost impossible not to get locked up for a provoked act of violence. Ohmmmmmmmm…….

  • drkbrngrl said:

    @Dara – go back and check out some of the comments.

  • Becky said:

    Hold up! I am intelligent, beautiful Black soul sistah, my name… Becky. Not all Becky’s are White.

  • PrincessDrRE said:

    I want a PWT (Po’ White Trash) mask with Bubba teeth, big butt pimples, and a booger hangin’ from the nose.


    I want that mask.

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