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Aretha Franklin Does It Again.

16 June 2010 5 Comments

I am not in the business of disrespecting legends. I swear I’m not. But Aretha Franklin is really starting to try my patience.

Check out this photo of her at the Tony Awards on Sunday evening:

This is a very grown black lady look – her blonde highlighted wig is tossed to the side and she is wearing it like she’s got some business. As usual, her bountiful breasts are howling out less so for R-E-S-P-E-C-T and more for S-U-P-P-O-R-T. I mean, I just got fitted for a bra and found out that I’ve been wearing the wrong size for years, and that was at Macy’s, not some fancy shmancy over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder shop. Anyway, her dress is appropriate for the occasion and although she’s carrying a Snuffleupagus carcass as an evening wrap (which she is prone to doing) she looks just fine.

Now take a gander at this photo of her at the Apollo Theater Awards on Monday:

Now, I don’t have a lot of clothes. I will shamelessly run the same tired outfit into the ground and tell myself that I don’t mind being “that girl who always wears those same sneakers,” because, metaphorically speaking, “I go to school to learn not for a fashion show.” However, I don’t attend award shows for which couturiers are clamoring to swaddle my big old body in custom gowns. AND THEN Miss Lady has the nerve to switch up her wig and not her dress! I know that we’re well past the point of creating the illusion that this wig or that is actually our hair, but SERIOUSLY, Aretha? Did you put so much thought into choosing some hair that you were petered out by the time you got dressed? Did you have a rough night and have to do the walk of shame to the Apollo Awards? Are you under the delusion that the wig makes the dress look like a different one? If you didn’t care what you showed up in, why change up the wig? Is this where black lady fashion is now, where we change our hair pieces but not our clothing? Girl, please.

I don’t want to hear any comments talmbout “Aretha can do what she wants.” It’s clear that she’s putting that right into practice and to the extreme and she remains the dopest diva walking the red carpet at any event. I just want to know why she tries my patience so! She’s officially become my Miss Jenkins and there’s not much more I can take!


  • A.Smith said:

    I looked at that second picture like… “I MUST be tripping. That is NOT the same dress!”

    Lawd, ReRe. Lawd. I know times is hard…. but damn.

  • Tafari said:

    If you look carefully, you will notice wrinkles in the same spot. So my question is, why didn’t she have that shit steamed?

    Poor Aretha just can’t catch a break. She not only the Queen of R&B but she the Queen of hot mess.

    There’s only so much a designer can do when faced with tittays as big as Aretha’s

    Snuffleupagus? Dead! I was trying to figure out what that was.


  • DVE said:

    She is doing too much, well not really. Jesus take the wheel. I know that she has to have some more dresses than just one. Maybe she wanted to get her money’s worth and wear it twice in the same week.

  • lola gets said:

    Ok, so you caught the wrinkles, but what Im wondering about is the odor. You know that thing had to smell by that second wearing!

    She can do better, so she should.


  • ShonQuayShah said:

    Aretha Louise Franklin is a strong black woman. Not only has she survived (allegedly) incest and having a child by her father, but several abusive relationships. Managed to stay out of the paws and pockets of Berry Gordy (we see you Diana) she managed to also survive, disco, slick RnB/AC/Quiet Storm, hiphop and whatever mess is going on now in the music world! Remember, she was “Aretha” before Madonna, Beyonce, etc. she also managed to survive (again, allegedly, her former husband, Glyn Turman, molesting one of her sons) She gave up smoking! The woman wrote “Day Dreaming” one of my personal all time favorites!


    I think she may have an eating disorder, which would be completely understandable…some people use food as their drug of choice when coping mentally and emotionally to adverse situations. I cant really see anyone being THAT hungry. It’s not what you are eating, it’s whats eating you. That being said:

    Now, if she wants to let her breasts relax! so be it! wear the same dress everyday! use used swiffers as a boa! i do not mind at all, remember, she is THE QUEEN!

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