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Crazy La Toya Jackson Reunites With Bubbles

23 June 2010 6 Comments

In what can only be considered continued monkey business on the part of La Toya “Least Talented Jackson” Jackson, Animal Planet arranged a reunion between her and Bubbles and she was all in. Yes a reunion with Michael’s boo Bubbles The Chimp. That’s why I called it monkey business. Get it?

I have real problems with Latoya Jackson and she make me viscerally angry. She was on thin ice with me after she played into the hands of the media and sided with Michael’s accusers during his child abuse trial in the 90’s, but the tribute video that she released in his honor several months ago took the cake. I almost burst a brain vessel trying to explain the bats in Latoya’s belfry, but gave her a pass because she was grieving. When it comes to messing with primates, though, all I can get is annoyed.

Highlights: “I would love to know if he even still remembers me because it’s been twenty something years since I’ve seen him last.” Yeah but the thing is, Latoya, at the time you didn’t look like some wayward Shari Belafonte impersonator. Can someone explain to me why anyone would wear all white everything to go play with a monkey? And why that piece of hair is sitting on her hair like that with so much self-hatred inherent in every flip of it? Just watch.

“When I look at Bubbles I see the same features from when he was extremely young, and that looks the same to me, although he’s grown a bit.” Hooker, this is a CHIMPANZEE. What else is he going to look like? Stop trying to find things to say that prove you have a personal relationship with Bubbles like you spent half of your life doing with Michael.

And guys, don’t be swayed by those crocodile tears homegirl is squeezing out during the private reunion at the end. Bubbles looked at her for a few minutes and was like “oh yeah I sure do remember this flibbertijibbet. I could really go for a banana right now. Let me wander on off.” And I know that Michael would never allow this poor animal to be traumatized by the likes of his weirdo sister so props to Latoya for finding yet another moment to try to shine now that Michael is only watching from heaven. Seriously girl, give it up. Show business is not for you if your big publicity moment is spraying water on a geriatric chimp.


  • Tafari said:

    Just sad! I can see in his eyes that he wanted to fuck Latoya up but didnt because of the cameras.

    Im dead over her tears. She didn’t cry that much when they rolled MJs empty golden casket out at his memorial last year.

  • ShonQuayShah said:

    @Tafari…just stop! he wanted to eff her up!!! Bwahahahahaha! use a fewl!

    but really, can we start an online petition to ban her crazy azz from american tv? she can do all the foreign tv/press she wants to, a check is a check, but DAMN, she is making all Jack…scratch that ALL black women look loony! just DAMN!

  • Moni said:

    Where do you get this stuff? OMG! Bubbles has a look like “Is this b**** SERIOUS???!*

  • snowallinyabraids said:


    is she really trying to convince me that bubbles is her homeboy? HE TRIED TO SPIT ON HER!

    and, toy-toy, i hate to be the bearer of reality but he had no reaction to your name. bubbles didn’t get excited until the trainer said “hose” so unless he’s drawing a little phonetic parallel…

    box this heifer about the ears. soundly.

  • Malcolm said:

    For a minute, I wished that “In Living Color” was still on the air so they could a parody. I then realized that they wouldn’t be able to top this exercise in shameless attention whoring.

  • Naturally Alise said:

    She is the prototype for hot messes. sigh Toya…

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