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Prince: Diamonds and Pearls

7 June 2010 11 Comments

Today is Prince’s birthday, and in spite of all the years of musical enjoyment he’s provided I’m kind of mad at him right now. The first fit of anger is toward the fact that he’s fifty-two years old and looks so silky smooth. The second is because the old fogey won’t let any of his videos stay on YouTube for more than a few weeks. It’s super annoying and kind of mean! I should be able to drum up any Prince video I want to, don’t you think?

I was just talking about the song “Diamonds and Pearls,” with a friend of mine, who’d heard that the song is really about a miscarriage that Prince’s then-wife Mayte had while they were together. Although the lyrics support that and the rumor is all over the internet this one’s not true. Mayte met Prince while he was doing the Diamond and Pearls tour in 1991 but they weren’t married until 1996. That’s when Mayte had Prince’s baby boy, who sadly died within a week of birth from a rare defect. So basically I still have no idea what this song is really about but I’ve always wanted a bustier and it’s because of what Rosie Gaines is wearing in this video.

I hope Prince is having a great birthday surrounded by weirdness and very tight pants.


  • Moni said:

    Actually, Diamonds and Pearls came out in 1991. Mayte got married to Prince in Valentines Day 1996. she was pregnant during Prince’s Emancipation album released the same year.

    In his remake of the Sytlistics “Betcha By Golly Wow”, from the Emancipation CD, Mayte is pregnant in video, and is “seen” being with the doctor.

    I may not get everything straight, but my Prince I know by hard. Prince Groupie since 1978!

  • PBG said:

    Prince is the greatest! I love all his music and it is a must I sing one of his songs whenever I do karaoke.

    And you, Thembi…you must be a magician. You actually found a Prince video and have it on your blog. Meanwhile, I’m afraid to even type his name in GoogleTalk.

  • Tafari said:

    Ive always wanted a pair of black Prince books.

    PBG, don’t do it, he will have you fucked up with the quickness!

  • Thembi (author) said:

    @Moni – I’m confused…how does that info conflict with this post?

    @PBG – Why’d I have to google it in stealth mode though? The first copy I found had like Turkish subtitles or something.

    @Tafari – I also read that Prince needs double hip replacement surgery but won’t do it because he’s a Jehovah’s Witness. I just know its from boppin around in them boots!

  • Moni said:

    Thembi, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to confuse you, I just meant when you said that your friend said that the song was about miscarriage his then wife mayte had. The dates didn’t match up and I was stating that the song was before they got married and had a kid. So you were right about it not being true.

    SORRY! Didn’t mean to throw you off track! LOL!

  • Tiffany said:

    Ah Prince. One of my favs. I probably was one of the youngest groupies at age 3. His music is something that I will never let go of. My sister even has a pair of jeans we nicked named “the Prince jeans” because of the button ups on the side. Time to bust out Purple Rain. Cooooooah!!!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • ShonQuayshah said:

    Prince, to me is my generation of a combination of Smokey Robinson (great lyrics) Marvin Gaye (sensual/spiritual performer) and consumate showman (James Brown)and the crossover sensation that was (Sam Cooke) the best of the best…all bundled into one tiny little sexy little package and it SEEMS like, for all the things we hear about musicians and singers being tortured souls, his only addictions have been, sexy, beautiful women, high-heeled shoes and Revlon French Perm! I am not mad. And like Moni, i have been a fan since the late 70’s…it wasnt nothing like riding the bus or waiting for your bus to come and hear somebody go by blasting “Sexy Dancer” or “Soft n Wet” while the California sun is shining down on your head. Don’t get me started on that next album, yes, ALBUM Prince where he is looking as lovely and elusive as a magical unicorn with his shirt off rocking a press and curl! yes, the man was giving us a glimpse of things to come, being all sexy tombout he “wanna be my lover” and i was a “sexy dancer” oh and to be 13,14 years old at the noon dance hearing the first strains of D.M.S.R. or “Head” (which i seriously knew nothing about, but the beat was HOT!) I mean really!…He got on my nerves after Purple Rain when he crossed over, changed his name and the madness with the black album and all that political b.s., but I understand…he’s not dumb, he’s a business man (therefore the youtube ban) anyway…one of my favorites is a little tune circa 1985 or 86 ADORE…i can listen to that on repeat anyday…it’s so sensual/spiritual. The man is gifted and I am glad that he is still sharing his gift…hopefully I will see him in concert one day. Can you believe he got booed and pelted with items opening up for the Rolling Stones back in the early 80’s…what is wrong with people?

  • Gette said:

    Prince is my 5th husband. I love love love his music and will always be a fan.. people have called him the Marvin Gaye of our generation, or the Tupac of R&B & Rock/Funk/Jazz, etc, but I disagree. It’s the other way around.

    Funny Story, my mom dated this dude when I was about 7 or 8 that looked just like 2 of Prince. had the black pant and the buttons up the leg, and the prince belt, but he was 2wice as big as Prince and taller. He and his mom shared an apt with all of these stray cats…

    Okay, my flashback is over with!

  • Gette said:

    and to echo ShonQuayshah, girl I can’t believe the boos either. But you know how he flipped it around! The intro to Pop Life.. My man is a genius!

  • Philippe said:

    You can always find his videos at DailyMotion. Be warned though, that website is kind of shitty.

  • alan said:

    Prince mixed the inutero heartbeat of the baby he had with Mayte on a cut on the silky-sweet romantic second disc on Emancipation. (That disc is just about the top of post-prime Prince, although I have a serious soft-and-wet spot for 3121 and the 3 disc thing he dumped last year.)
    BUT Prince being Prince, the song whose rhythm is fueled by his mis-carried child’s heart is called “Sex in the Summer.”
    Weird, weird dude.

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