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[23 Apr 2008 | 9 Comments | ]

Sometimes things happen that make me lose the ability to conjugate verbs properly.

I tried to write about Bob Johnson and his nonsense last week, but I was just in too good of a mood. Now that the world has …

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[23 Jan 2008 | 15 Comments | ]

I’m going all out this week because the WTF-ness of this is just something I refuse to keep to myself. Last week my old friend Brandon, via WWTD reader Aaliyah, sent me this, which he found while innocently looking for …

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[4 Dec 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

For the first time, a friend of mine has inspired me to celebrate her freshness because she has realized the dreams of so many of us in like a quarter of a lifetime and is just getting started. It wasn’t …

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[9 Oct 2007 | 10 Comments | ]

I realized that my stank attitude and lack of blogging has been caused by a series of rather ignorant interactions with the world over this last week that have eroded my spirit little by little. I’m starting to believe that …

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[22 Aug 2007 | 8 Comments | ]
A friend and I have a long-running private joke involving her giving me the Jet Brothers Swimsuit calendar every year. The men in the calendar are hilariously disturbing enough that I plan to post a few of them in the future, in fact I wouldn't deprive you of it! But the corniness of the calendar itself, as one would expect from Jet magazine and, furthermore, from anything that uses the word 'brother' in its title, is unsurpassed. In spite of its inclusion of uselessly black 'holidays' such as the date when Ebony Magazine was founded, calendars are useful things (as are bare-chested men), so I keep the calendar on my wall. At the end of July I glanced at it to get the date to write a check. Because Johnson Publishing likes its paper so shiny the pic is blurry so you have to double-click to view it full size. But can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

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[6 Jul 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

I subscribe to Jet magazine, so every week I get a 5″x7″ collection of black news, most of which is 2 weeks late but some of which can ONLY be found in Jet. I saw this picture of Al & …