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[7 Jun 2010 | 11 Comments | ]

Today is Prince’s birthday, and in spite of all the years of musical enjoyment he’s provided I’m kind of mad at him right now. The first fit of anger is toward the fact that he’s fifty-two years old and looks …

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[5 Mar 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
This Week’s Love/Hate Relationship With Black Pop Culture

I don’t usually start with something I hate, but as you’ve surely heard by now hip-hop legend Guru is having serious health issues and is in the hospital after a string of crises involving a heart attack, asthma attack, and …

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[2 Mar 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
A few days ago Dj Stylus shared this video on Facebook and I haven't been able to shake it since. He quipped, "I'm surprised that I saw this before Thembi, aka the mistress of all things obscure and Negronian." Yeah thanks, but courtesy of this video I've developed a mild phobia related to brown leather and fringes. I'd never seen Fox's Celebrity Duets let alone this performance, but there is so much squatting and doing-the-most-ness on the part of Alphonso Ribero that Chaka Khan's trademark extraness is almost a mere distraction. Just watch

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[26 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
The “Babyface Made R&B” Song Set! Have you checked out Songza Sets yet? A Set is a collection of 12 songs based on a topic or theme, and I just guest-curated "Babyface Made R&B." I had a weird sort of "non-sexual, sing-songs-to-me-with-your-ol'-curl-havin'-self" crush on him back in the day so I had a blast! Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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[10 Feb 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

Whenever I see Christopher “Kid” Reid on VH-1 or in a random commercial I ask “where is Play?” Play is the one I had a crush on, the one who was *really* cute, and, frankly, more than 50% of the …

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[19 Jan 2010 | 30 Comments | ]
“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Who Is Corey Johnson aka Musicorey? People always ask me, "Thembi, how do you find this stuff?" Well, this week I'm going to walk you through the process because there is no reason why a perfectly sane woman such as myself should be asking any questions about Corey Johnson. Please bear with me as I take you through the tragically painful journey of discovering all there is to know about this person.

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[23 Dec 2009 | 22 Comments | ]
“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Ten Crazy Christmas Album Covers

Everyone who is anyone has a Christmas album, but in a rush to take advantage of our holiday cheer (i.e. trick us into buying bad music just because its Christmas-y) some artists have to cut corners on the cover art. Here are 10 prime examples of such ridiculousness.

10. "Naughty or Nice" - 3LW

The gall of 3LW to release a Christmas album at all (let alone with only two members, one of which is wearing a Christmas fur bra top)

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[18 Nov 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
“What The Eff?” Wednesday: Santo Gold v. Santigold


When recording artist Santogold changed her name to Santigold I wasn't really paying attention. I heard something about there being another artist who already had that name and kept it moving. But did you know that the man behind the name change is a tragically weird infomercial/jeweler/musician from the 1980's? He brought legal action against Santi for infringement, saying that by her use of the name Santogold she was "crushing [his] hopes of continuing his music and acting career." Really? 'Cause I ain't never heard

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[26 Oct 2009 | 10 Comments | ]
H-Town and Jodeci Are Back…Sort Of.

I don’t know who all has been anticipating H-Town’s comeback, especially since lead singer Dino died tragically in 2003. Oh, and that when Dino passed, H-Town was actually about to release their FOURTH album since their 1993 debut Fever For

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[15 Oct 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
I've been thinking a lot about what qualities I find attractive in the opposite sex and realized that above all else dudes who remind me of Gerald Levert have an automatic edge. This oldies tribute performance by Levert and Boyz II Men from the 1992 NAACP awards will have to do for today, though.

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[13 Aug 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

“Time flies,” is one of those cliches that becomes truer as I age and quite admittedly become my mother. Case in point: she and I went to see the film Soul Power and realized that we have many common musical …

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[10 Aug 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Smart Movies: Food Inc and Soul Power Have you been all Transformer'n and Harry Potter'n this summer? Are you, by any chance Brüno'ed out? Well, depending on where you live both of these brainier flicks should still be in theaters. Remember, being a bit of a nerd is a good thing.

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[7 Aug 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

Chaka Khan has a distinctive, amazing voice, a dazzling stage presence, and a fascinating life story. But what I really care about is the hair. Ever since I knew there was a Chaka Khan I’ve wanted my hair to be …

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[10 Mar 2009 | 12 Comments | ]
Thembi Keeps It Real: I Love Donnie!

I know it seems like I always keep it real but there are too many little secrets about myself that people aren’t aware of just because they prove that I’m not “cool.”  The blackgirl acceptance theme of this blog’s title …

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[6 Feb 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Odds & Ends

I’ve had a super busy week but I’ve still been keeping my eyes peeled for all types of things that are in the  mix. That and spreading myself around a bit…


I’m moonlighting at The Smoking Section, and I …