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[26 Oct 2007 | 6 Comments | ]

Mother Accused Of Forcefully Piercing Girl’s Genitalia
October 25, 2007

NAPLES, Fla. — A 39-year-old woman is on trial for forcefully having her promiscuous 13-year-old daughter’s genitalia pierced to make it uncomfortable for her to have sex.

The girl, now …

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[17 Oct 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

Indiana teacher’s aide resigns after apparently stapling note to student

Oct 12, 2007 05:01 PM EDT

PLYMOUTH, INDIANA (NBC) – A teacher’s aide in Indiana is in hot water and has resigned after trying to staple a note to a …

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[12 Oct 2007 | 10 Comments | ]

Amid furor, DJ cancels party for ‘light-skinned’ black women

‘I made a mistake,’ local party promoter says after Internet backlash.

DETROIT — A local DJ and party promoter retreated Thursday from a plan to sponsor a bash that would let …

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[12 Oct 2007 | 6 Comments | ]

Why??? HOW???

Brazilian woman gives birth to her 18th child
12:41 10/11/ 2007

RIO DE JANEIRO, October 11 (RIA Novosti) – A 40 year-old woman from Sao Paolo, southeast Brazil, has given birth to her 18th child, local media reported. …

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[13 Sep 2007 | 6 Comments | ]


September 11, 2007
Durham, NC

Durham police have arrested a 93-year-old man on cocaine-trafficking and related charges.

William C. Tinnen (above) was arrested Thursday during a raid at 204 Teel St., police said in a …

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[23 Aug 2007 | One Comment | ]

Maybe it’s for her bursitis.

Woman, 71, arrested for ‘special’ plant

August 23, 2007

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A 71-year-old woman was arrested on drug charges after a chest-high marijuana plant was found in her yard, a plant she said was …

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[27 Jul 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Accused Grave Robbers Dodge Sex Charges

The Associated Press

Three men who dug up a young woman’s corpse to have sex with it after seeing her obituary photo cannot be charged with attempted sexual assault because Wisconsin has …

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[17 Jul 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

I don’t like telling you guys what to think, but I had to put certain parts of this article in bold just so you didn’t breeze by them…what an old ridiculous fart.

University benefactor and board chairman uses N-word


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[12 Jul 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

This kid will never be quite right…this is why I don’t deal with pit bulls and crazy dogs like that – be forewarned!

Pitbull attacks toddler
July 10, 2007

Lockport police are investigating an apparent attack by a pit bull

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[11 Jul 2007 | No Comment | ]
Usually the point of ‘What the Eff Wednesday’ is that I show a real photo that I took of something ridiculous, but my cellphone was holding my backlog of photo nonsense when it got crushed to smithereens last weekend. So …

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[11 Jul 2007 | 2 Comments | ]
Is it harder to prioritize when you need a touch-up?
I try to stay away from being preachy about these things, but I have a bone to pick with Al Sharpton. He’s been attacking website TMZ for referring to …

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[2 Jul 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Report: Condoms are too big for most Indian men

NEW DELHI (AFP) — Indian men’s penises do not match international sizes and most condoms on sale in the country are too big, according to a medical study reported on Friday.…

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[21 Jun 2007 | 10 Comments | ]

N.Z. couple can’t name their son ‘4real’

Associated Press, June 21, 7:45 AM EST

New Zealand authorities have blocked a couple’s bid to officially name their new son “4real,” saying numerals are not allowed.

Pat and Sheena Wheaton said they …

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[12 Jun 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These big stupid fat black people are standing outside showing their support for Paris Hilton. I’m going to ignore that man who looks like a child molester on the left and focus on these wanna-be weather girls talkin’ about some …