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The other day I made a joke to one of my coworkers about 40's and she had no idea what I was talking about. I always think really hard when someone doesn't get my jokes, and it made me realize that the 40-ounce beverage, and malt liquor in general, has somehow become a distinctly black phenomenon that is difficult for foreigners to fully grasp. But how did American black folks become the key market for consumption of this drink?

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After posting his “Man Laws,” AverageBro made a request for someone to answer with some “Girl Laws.” “Girls” play with dolls and whatnot, and even calling them “Blackgirl Laws”, as much as I tend to use that word for all …

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Remember Latarian Milton, that little Milk Dud who stole his grandmother’s car? He is now officially the poster-child for the failure of the black family.

Woman Says Joyriding Grandson, 7, Beat Her Up


Milton’s grandmother, Vikkita Stratford, told WPBF …

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I was going to come back to the U.S. with this fabulous post about my trip and only then reveal where I’ve been. But after only 24 hours in the Persian Gulf, I have to share something with you all. …

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I wasn’t a blogger back in April of 2007 when this video, “Weng Weng Rap” was released as a YouTube meme, but it’s actually pretty hot in a “What The Eff?” sort of way. First of all, I absolutely adore …

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AverageBro speaketh the truth. Since I tend to hang on his every word and I’m travelling, I’m thrilled to feature this guest post from him. It has a little in common with my classic The 7 Worst Things to Happen

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Really, it never has been a joke for me. I think my dad took that photo of little Thembi in like 1981 and I still loves me some beach. No, I was not a sad child, those are just my …

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When I lived in France I learned that the French love R&B. My white roommate had a Montell Jordan CD and played it often, and my lil’ Cameroonian boyfriend Francois had every single CD that R. Kelly has ever made …

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This has been a crazy week for me, so posting has been slow, but a few things have happened that have made me consider a new career as a psychic.

On March 20, I posted a video of Pauly Shore’s

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This video proves that Biggie Smalls has been reincarnated as a 7-year old boy named Latarian. X-Box and high fructose corn syrup brought us to this ridiculous juncture.

See guys? No big deal, he just wanted to do fun hoodrat …

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1. I updated my blogroll recently. Just so you know, “new” just means new to my blogroll, not necessarily the blogosphere. I’m notoriously poor about technical aspects of the blogging thing, so after realizing that there are blogs that I …

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“I was at Rite Aid and this dude said to his friend ‘Fam you wanna get that? Its on sale.’ talking about some Blistex. His friend was like ‘Man, im from the hood, dog, if my lips gonna be white,

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Leon’s appearance as a spooky Jesus-type figure in Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” video back in 1989 was partially responsible for my sexual awakening. I thought, “Oooh! He’s cute…but more than cute…I don’t know the word for it (“hot”) or these …

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Florida man charged with filming 85-year-old woman for gangsta video

A Florida man is facing elder abuse charges after he allegedly filmed his senile 85-year-old grandmother wearing a ski mask and holding a gun for a “Gangstas and Thugs” street …

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Sometimes things happen that make me lose the ability to conjugate verbs properly.

I tried to write about Bob Johnson and his nonsense last week, but I was just in too good of a mood. Now that the world has …

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This clip is not safe for work in the silliest of ways.

When did he decide to first try this? How did he know that others would be entertained by it? How long did it take to master? How many …

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This nineties one-hit hip-hopper looks good enough that I’d holla if he didn’t have a few kids.

UPDATE: Kim nailed it with the first guess. This is Candyman who hit big with “Knockin Boots.” I had to look him up …

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For the past year or so I’ve been craving tattoo number three. Like most people, I started out with a tattoo that held special significance, as if going through some cataclysmic change in life just simply had to be documented …

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"What, Me Snub?"R.I.P. Roscoe Lee Browne
This has been a banner week for the black bourgeoisie - not only were we finally allowed to upgrade Bob Johnson from bourgie to an official "house negro," once we heard that Akon lied about his extended stay in jail and "only" has one felony, we had the chance to ask ourselves "how is any number of felonies or any time upstate an "only"? While it's sad that the bar has been set so low on both ends of the spectrum, it proves that the bouge' is real. And it has been exemplified onscreen through 80% of the roles that these fine actors have portrayed.

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"What The Eff?" Wednesday has always been so easy to write because weird things just draw themselves to me. But for the last few weeks everything around me has been pretty plain vanilla. Then, at the supermarket I was drawn to a tower of tomatoes on the vine and decided to whip up some pico de gallo. The very first tomato to fall from the pyramid into my hand was this one: That's all.