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I’m old. That means I have jawns from so far back in the day that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to search for info or pics on them when they were around. So I started with my sophomore year …

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“George Lopez starts speaking to my father in Spanish, and my dad says, ‘I don’t speak Mexican.’ I turned purple. I love my papa. But he has no filter.”

– Jessica Alba, US Weekly

I got my eye on you,

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Do me a quick favor… play a prank or stalk someone using It lets you make calls from your own phone that display a made-up caller id number to whomever and you can try it for free. I …

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AJ and his girlfriend were watching this video on the final episode of The Sopranos, so I decided to hunt it down so that we could all get a really good look at who is running this country.

My …

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Call me a poor excuse for a black girl if you like, but I’m finally ready to declare my adoration of hot rednecks. Not rednecks in that string-you-up-in-a-tree-for-drinking-from-the-wrong-fountain way, but in that all-American-tousle-haired-boyish-hunk way. Here are my faves.

Paul Walker

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I’m thinking that on Wednesdays I’m going to post about things that made me go what the eff.

I love the dollar store in my neighborhood and am not ashamed to say it. Yes they did have Luna bars 6 …

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How did these two manage to get in a photo together? Shar looks like a kid meeting Santa. I can’t help but take this chance to comment on the ridiculousness of her inclusion on the show “The Ex-Wives Club” when …

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I’m Paul – from London – 39 – slim – medium build – traveled – fun – stylish – curious caring – nice ears – President Chirac’s nose – great hands and even better feet – attentive – easy

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I’m going through this spunky white chick music phase right now that you should join me in.

Totally New: Yelle, “Je Veux Te Voir”
If you think French people are irritating, skip ahead. Personally they crack me up. Yelle is

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These big stupid fat black people are standing outside showing their support for Paris Hilton. I’m going to ignore that man who looks like a child molester on the left and focus on these wanna-be weather girls talkin’ about some …

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Before I even really get started here I wanted to make sure to archive all of the “Fresh Black Girls” I can think of. In fact, from here on out I will be discussing and posting a nice pic of …

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It occurred to me today that for the past few years I’ve been obsessing over what to write about. Probably 15% of my energy is spent trying to figure out how to encapsulate the nonsense that surrounds me and my …