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The Professional

“Thembi is where it’s at.” – Metro

“One of my all-time favorite culture bloggers is Thembi. She’s always coming up with brilliant concepts and rocking the socks off ’em. And she’s funny as hell.” – David Mills, Emmy-winning writer, journalist, and author of George Clinton and P-Funk: An Oral History

“I love [Thembi’s] work… she is a strong writer with an interesting and unique voice.” – Marc Lamont Hill, Fox News Commentator and Professor, Temple University

“Thembi, why are you bringing up conflicting emotions of blackness that i’ve pushed down for years, nay, decades?! I love it…I hate it…I can’t get enough!” – Nancy Redd, best-selling author of Body Drama

“Pure genius.” – Julian Breece, award-winning writer and director of The Young and Evil

“She will soon become our collective conscience as a people.” – Rhome Anderson, The Washington Post

“Thembi’s our hero(ine),” Stacia L. Brown, writer and author of “Be Longing,” in It’s All Love: Black Writers on Soul Mates, Family, and Friends

“My favorite blogger…ever.” Aliya S. King, journalist, Vibe, The Source

The Praiseful

“Funny and true.” – Aminah

“This blog makes me laugh so hard.” – Aziza

“I started reading this and was cracking up!! You’ve said it all so perfectly!!!” – AmyNxDx

“You have just the right amount of wit, charm, and cynicism that just works!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!” – Missy

“Sis – You are funny as hell…and on point a lot. Love the “throwback” references and the topics.” – Rasheen

“My one new year’s resolution? Read WWTD faithfully. I am seriously a happier and healthier person when I frequent WWTD at least thrice weekly.”

“Girl, you never fail to crack me up.” – NaturallyAlise

“Tank u Tembi, dis was fonny as all hades. LUL” – Ehav Ever

“You gave me my belly laugh for the morning” – Lisa

“Who else finds the craziest, most hilarious randomness?” – dara

“Your writing is so very intelligent and fun to read.”- pjazzypar

“Hi-f’n-larious.” – IW

“BBAAAAWWWWWW. I can’t stop laughing, for real.” – Jazzy

“I was laughing so hard and so loud that I think I might have woke the rest of the house up.” – Missy

The Pained

“Thanks for killing me. *time of death 11/14/08 11:59AM*” fatblkboy

“OMG, I think I have messed up my keyboard from spitting out soda from laughing and my right contact popped out.” – Bonnie

“The caption to that last photo almost sent me to meet my maker.” – DJ Stylus

“I almost peed on myself” – Tafari

“Thembi you had me rolling clutching my sides and just gasping for air” – Miss Jay

“Oh My God! Again I am choking on laughter!” – Femigog

“Thanks for the extra long And hard “GOOD LAUGH”………when i got through laughing i was seeing floating stars on the side of my face.” – 1Bad2DaBone

“ROTFLMAO…and wheezin’.” – KellyBelle

“Thembi, my stomach hurts so much from this.” – Blazingnickel

“OK, that post title made me spit out a little wine onto my monitor. Too damn funny!” – Bygbaby

“Thembi, I seriously almost choked on what I was eating when I read that! I will make a note not to be eating when I read your posts in the future.” – Ill Mami

The Angry

“You are a damn fool!” Vivrant Thang

“Thembi… I refuckingbuke you! I dont know you well and yet I hate you already!” – Q

“I officially cannot stand you, Thembi.” – Anonymous

“You’re making me ILL at work. Good Lord, Thembi. Where do you get this mess?” – Ms Lindiwe

“You are a fool!” Natural Muze

The Confused and Concerned

“This girl is mentally ill… I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard (and out loud) at any blog in my life.” -Invisible Woman

“Girl, you are crazy. Like, for real.” – Anonymous

“I only have one question…where in the hell do you find this stuff? LMAO” – TalentedTenth

The Conflicted

“I love it deeply and hate it deeply at the very same time” – Julian

“I’m laughing in sheer bemusement. This is just so ridiculous, funny and not amusing all at the same time.” – SDG

“Make me laugh, make me cry. Nah, just make me laugh.” – phx

“WTF was that? that was frickin funny and disturbing at the same time.” – apathetic bliss

“It’s funny…and kinda messed up…” – JustJudith

“You are going to be the first person to go to hell for speaking the truth. You ain’t right, but you ain’t lying.” – Mrs Grapevine

Awards and Media Mentions

Finalist, "Blog To Watch"

July 21, 2008

Public Appearances


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  • rasheen said:

    Sis – You are funny as hell…and on point a lot. Love the “throwback” references and the topics.

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